Xbox 360 Vs PS3 Who Will Succeed In 2011

By Chris Cook - Feb 8, 2011

Calling to all gamers, prepare to battle as we bring you the latest news of which console is the greatest of all and predicted to come out on top in 2011. Will it be the PS3 or the Xbox 360?

For years now analysts have been predicting and producing reports of which console would sell the most units each year. In a report we came across by TVG research which dates back to 2009, they predicted Sony’s PlayStation 3 would have overtaken sales of both the Wii and the Xbox 360 by 2011. They also plotted sales results that they had so far for the consoles, against a graph to project how the sales would do 10 years into each consoles life cycle. Read more here to see what they found.

In a more recent report by PCWorld in 2010, they found analysts had also forecast the PS3 sales would continue to rise, even producing specific figures. 127 million consoles for the PS3 compared to 103 million Wiis however they fail to produce a figure for the Xbox 360. You can view their full report here for more details.

The latest report we came across seems to suggest differently from both the previous analysts’ research. It comes from who write about the developments that went on in’s recent episode of Bonus Round. Specifically what Michael Pachter, cult-personality and industry analyst had to say about Sony PS3’s future. Check out the full article where they quote Pachter as saying Sony ‘are destined to be in third.’

What are your predictions? Who do you think will sell the most consoles?

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  • Some Neutral Guy

    ON another note, I agree 360 aren't releasing slot of exclusive games this. Year (well at least large budget ones) I thinks it's mostly gears of war 3, mass effect 3 and Kindom (whatever). But there are a hell of slot of games transferring from Ps3 exclusive tO include the xbox. For example the immense Metal Gear Solid Series. I admit it'll be interesting how they will fit all that gameplay onto our xbox discs (not blueray) but what the he'll it'll be a laugh.

    (oh yeh read my previous post before you accuse me of ps3 hating :L )

  • Some Neutral Guy

    Now to be honest I really don't care whatever anyone says, I like both consoles but I prefer to play the xbox. And for any of those dicks that say the ps3 has better graphics, yes it has a better graphics card, but the processor Whig directly controls the graphics card is not as good as the xboxs this means that the ps3 card doesn't fully reach it's potential. But tbh whichever one you Play they are relatively equal. 😉

    • Greg47

      I agree with this dude 🙂 I have both and I play both just depends on my mood Lol :L

      • Some Neutral Guy

        And finally someone who is actually sensible 😉

  • Elvis Presley

    Xbox360 dominates all the fields in my opion. the move is just a wii controller with a ball at the end while the kinect is something different. ps3 also copied thier version of live off xbox!

    • urstupid

      ok if ps3 copy wii then your dumb kinect copy last generation ps2 eye! yeah i said it if ps3 copy wii as u say then xbox360 copy ps2 eye stupid. ur very stupid elvis presly really r

    • Adrian

      the move is way more complicated nd bettr than the wii + better graphics..nd the Move will have better games of different genres than the Kinect. the kinect doesnt have ne good games……………………but the move will be more better nd practical

  • archie

    with the move you can play complicated games like tumble where the 1mm precision is a must! I own Move controllers since they are released and find them extremely well built and reliable. I also own Wii which is just collecting dust now.
    PS3 is a stand out because of their exclusive games. Just take as an example LBP2. Sackboy platformer is epic game and 360 have nothing even close to it. All what 360 can offer is shooters and shooters again. Tired of them!!

    • Kontact

      Nice! Couldn't agree more you with.

  • Kontact

    Is anyone that hates the move here actual ever played it? You wouldn't call it a creepy clone of the Wii if you have had played a hardcore game with it. It has many difference, and one being that it is more of a target shooting type's far far more accurate and precise than the Wii too.

  • anfernee

    ps3 move is just a crappy clone of wii,and kinect epicly fails.if anything nintendo will suprise us and win another year.again!

  • Shame it has such a lame controller.

  • RoadShow

    PS3 is going to dominate 2011.

    First off, 360 has nothing but Kinect rubbish coming out in 2011, where PS3 has 11 great exclusives for 2011, none of which are move rubbish. In fact move games are more like going to the arcade and playing a shooter. Just like Time Crisis, Killzone 3 and SOCOM. Those are going to be really fun on the Move, Kinect has nothing like that.

    Kinect is popular and will have it's own rise, I say it would be mostly teenagers still (the same group they have). The best game for Kinect is the dance game, but even the most die hard 360 fanboys admit that Kinect is laggy and has no real games that appeal to them.

    PS3 for blu ray, exclusives, free online play, internet browser, netflix streamer, best motion control, best controller and best games in general.

    Wii for retro gaming (doesn't everyone have one now?)

    I would never support Xbox, pay to play, $299 for console with no blu ray, no internet browser, pay to play ($60/year, that's $300 every 5 years).

  • Mark

    Considering the PS3 worldwide has been a bigger commercial success than the Xbox, outselling it in 2009, 2010 and likely 2011 to.

    Considering that according to Metacritic, PS3 had the best games in 2009, in 2011 and the best games on any system in the history of gaming,

    2011 looks like another sewn up year for luck PS3 owners.

    • marhorn

      It says one of the best! And you are crazy if you think people will believe the ps3 sold more than the Xbox 360…ANY YEAR!

      Xbox 360 has more people playing more games!
      Better games (real gamers know)
      An online service that is actually functional!
      More and better games upcoming!

      Xbox 360 is gonna have an amazing 2011

      • adrian

        the ps3 has better games nd the only thing that xbox live is cross-game chat other than that your paying for nothing………… 2011= PS3!!!!!!!!!!

    • ron

      one word…. KINECT

      • RoadShow

        Two words….KINECT SUCKS