The Darkness 2 Announced: Coming to PC, PS3 & Xbox 360

By Jamie Pert - Feb 8, 2011

Back in mid-2007 2K Games released a first-person shooter game called “The Darkness”, this game was developed by Starbreeze Studios and was available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, now we can confirm that a sequel is on its way this year.

2K Games has confirmed that The Darkness 2 will be released this fall, no solid release date has been set, however we can confirm that Starbreeze won’t be developing the next installment as they are busy with another game, instead Digital Extremes got the job.

Digital Extremes was founded back in 1993 and have worked on games such as Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Championship, Pariah, Warpath, Dark Sector and both BioShock releases in the past, therefore it would be fair to say that they have the quite a bit of experience with pretty impressive first-person shooters.

Apparently The Darkness 2 will build on the solid foundations set by its predecessor, one exciting thing we have heard is that the game will offer “quad-wielding”, this allows you to simultaneously fire two weapons whilst slashing, grabbing and throwing enemies with your Demon Arms.

I missed out on The Darkness first time round, therefore I will be keeping a close eye on the sequel especially with the quad-wielding feature, will you?

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  • Senital

    The Darkness was NEVER available for the PC. You might want to fix this article up, as i came here to find out if The Darkness 2 would.

  • Dark_Awakening