Sprint Kyocera Echo: First Pictures and Expectations

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2011

Following on from our earlier report which informed you about about the dual-screen equipped Kyocera Echo smartphone, we now have some great high quality pictures for you to check out which Sprint has provided over at their website.

If you didn’t know already, the Kyocera Echo will be available to buy on the Sprint network, and should be launching near Spring for around $199 on contract.

The device is an Android handset, although we’re a bit disappointed that it will only be running Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box. The dual capacitive touch screens do look rather nice though, so apart from the phone features it will offer – we’re excited to see how developers can make the most out of the touch screens.

Sprint has just put up a collection of images of the Kyocera Echo, and you can view them all here. What are your thoughts about the design – do you like it? Kyocera could have done a little better in the style department, but it doesn’t look too bad, although perhaps a little too thick for our liking.

Considering that this device won’t come with 4G support, the latest version of Android or a dual-core processor, we have to put the Echo on the ‘maybe’ pile for now. We’re hoping some further features and build-up from Sprint do their part to try and change our minds.

What are your initial impressions of the Kyocera Echo?

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  • Rene

    I am frankly disappointed. I was hoping that sprint would introduce a phone capable of competing with the other devices being offered by other carriers. But, unfortunately, Sprint and Kyocera brought us a product that is using an out of date processor, when it truly could take advantage of the dual core processor on its dual screens (was I the only one who saw how laggy the screens were in the videos?); running off of a 1370mAh battery that should die within an hour of dual screen use(telling the consumer to carry around another battery and the charger does not count as a solution); and last but not least the device doesn't even have WiMax capability!!!!! Sprint has recently applied the $10 premium data fee for 4G users to all smartphone users, so anyone who buys this phone will essentially be paying the 4G price without any 4G. The dual screen phone idea could have been really awesome, but instead of getting a fully fleshed product that has been developed to its full potential we get a half assed product that will scare developers away. I really hope Sprint and Kyocera fix this, and I hope Sprint makes a comeback as CTIA and MWC.