Samsung Captivate: Froyo Release Date Imminent or More Lies?

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2011

If you currently own a Samsung Captivate handset on AT&T you are probably wondering what an earth is going on between Samsung and AT&T, considering the fact that the official update to Android 2.2 Froyo has still not been released.

If you fall into this category, you’re going to be even more confused when we tell you that AT&T has been showboating the Captivate on their website running Android 2.2 Froyo in a series of user interface screenshots.

As reported from Phandroid, the Captivate has been demoed using Froyo on the support forums over at the AT&T website. Considering how many delays have taken place for Samsung’s collection of Galaxy S handsets, we’re not sure what to make of this.

Is this simply and error on Samsung’s part, or is this yet another indication that an update is on the way? Obviously, don’t get your hopes up on this until we hear official word from AT&T about this. You can view the support page at AT&T’s website here.

If you do own a Captivate and haven’t obtained Froyo via ‘other means’, let us know your reaction to this. Have you given up hope on the update or not?

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  • hobbes

    Froyo is the least of my concern. My Captivate randomly shuts down for no reason or loses data connection even when I have full bar. At this point, I have to reboot twice or more everyday. I called AT&T and the tech acted as if this is the first incident he's heard of not considering many are posting the same issue all over the other forums. Extremely aggravating.

  • Tim

    I email both Samsung and AT&T daily, pestering them about 2.2 for my Captivate. I'm sure it does nothing, but at least I feel better afterward. Terrible customer service all around.

  • Jason

    I think people need to realize that Samsung has released the official Froyo for captivate. It's At&T that's not implementing it, namely because Samsung charges the provider for software updates. Eventually, AT&T will probably have to shell out for the update, especially since their strangle hold on the iPhone has come to a close.

  • Samsung-hater

    I'm done with samsung….ther are just ridiculous! I will never buy sumsung ever again.

  • Anon

    samsung is dead to me.

  • Phyfell

    I have a feeling that AT&T is holding out for a custom version of the Galaxy S 4G so they can tout it with the rollout of their coming 4G network. That, of course, will leave all of us with the original Galaxy S Captivate hanging out to dry; unless you've already gotten the leaked Froyo build, which works just fine.

  • Eric

    I owned the blackjack II and now the captivate. After GPS issue and lack of 2.2 update this will be the last Samsung phone I buy for a very long time. Since AT&T is the only provider with coverage at my house I'm stuck with them until I move.

  • Ryan R

    It is very much a joke and a track record that AT&T has. That is why i was with cingular. (remember when they were both in business and AT&T CLOSED DOWN!!!!) they should of never came back. Who wants cingular and bellsouth back? I finally gave up on waiting and going to the internet every couple of days to see if it was posted by att or samsung. i gave up waiting and flashed 2.2 cong based off rogers by us imized and , can you say, STABLE. works great, much faster, like lots!!!!, and i can run the 2.2+ apps. thanks for nothing ATT and great work XDA!!! oh…i had been a loyal HTC fan for 6 years and decided to try samsung since it was the only one at the time, on att, that had a 1ghz processer, and droid. shame on you samsung for letting this happen to your rep. maybe i will give you a 2nd chance, but's it's not looking good

  • SteveJ

    I finally flashed my Captivate to 2.2 and love it, but when my contract is up I'm leaving AT$T for good. The silence and guarding this update like it threatens national security is a joke. I have a hard time paying that bill every month after being treated like this.

  • misius

    They already removed the 2.2 pics and replaced them with the 2.1 again. Someone at AT&T screwed up.

  • Dave

    I have 2.2 just get a custom rom there better and faster

  • Gregg

    ATT and Samesong both have sorry customer service,. promise, then can't say then tweet from India. It appears that neither one care about the customer or want return customers. If T-mobile gets a better international presence they will have another customer.

  • Brian

    This is their best selling phone line…period…it is a shame that they don't support it…I've been waiting since September for the update…I'd like the SD card support for apps and now, there apps that need 2.2+ to run and I can't get them,

  • wiz

    never going to purchase another samsung phone ever again….

  • Ben

    Samsung really let me down with this phone. First with the GPS issue and now with the update that may never be. I will have to seriously debate any new Samsung phone purchase in the future.

    I already hate AT&T's service and was planning on leaving AT&T once my contract is up so my opinion of AT&T has not changed.

  • Bob

    I'm starting to think that because of the release of new Samsung phones with 2.2 that we are never going to get an update.

  • Paolo

    This AT&T captivateSamsung update soap opera would be a joke if we were on a comedy show, but since this is reality then it's a insult.
    We were promised the update within fall 2010, it's Feb 2011 and still, not only no update, but no response. I am so angry also because I had to change 3 phone to get one which was locking the gps and was not powering itself off …I wonder what can I do to get rid of this. I do not want the iphone, but the antennagate response at least was sign of respect to consummer. Here Samsung and AT&T are just insulting us. Ohh yeah on top of that Samsung India post an Official Tweet (come on!!! is that today the way to make official statements?? ohh yes, because then you are not forced to answer journalists questions) that we will receive Android 2.3.. yes. in 2025. The same way we download MAME today.

  • Indy

    Im so mad that they have released the official update for the vibrant and everyone else is getting left in the dust. ATT is so behind on the Android race its ridiculous. I'm wondering why I went back to ATT when I could have had a 2.2 on any other service provider.