Google Doodle Today: Jules Verne Interactive Logo

We have lost count on how many times Google have used a Doodle as their log to celebrate an event; today is no exception and celebrates the birthday of Jules Verne. Most doodles are just plain logos, but this one is different, as it is an interactive one and shows of what is considered his greatest work “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.”

If you visit the Google homepage today you will see the new interactive doodle and notice that there is a lever to the right and the logo with portholes. This is actually a submarine and the lever its control stick. You can move the stick, which in turn moves the underwater vessel, showing you some creatures from under the see.

Those who have an iPhone or iPad can just tilt their device to move the submarine, this is fun at first, but we got bored after the first minute. I have to say that although this is a nice interactive Google Doodle, there have been better in the past – the PacMan one being the best of the lot.

You have to ask yourself who in Google chooses what event is worthy of a Doodle? There have been a number of occasions when we had assumed that one was going to appear, and it did not. I cannot even remember seeing anything over the holiday season, why was that?

What do you think of today’s Google Doodle?


  • Sam Marchbanks

    Possibly you overlooked that moving the joystick also makes the depth meter and artificial-horizon gauge (middle and bottom gauges on the left) move, just as they would in a submarine.

  • dee

    just logged on and saw the Jules Vern icon , brillant

  • B. J. McMahon

    I am new to this gendre, It is fantastic.!!


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