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Forget Nook vs. Kindle, Meet Asda’s Best eReader

Since Amazon first brought us the Kindle, eReaders have taken off. But Amazon is seeing more competition from the likes of the Nook, which we recently compared to the Kindle. Now there is another eReader available which is less than half the price of the Kindle.

British retailer Asda has the View Quest Mediabox 5 inch eReader available for an astonishing £52, according to an article on TechEye. There are also features which are not available on the Kindle like the ability to store and view photos. A backlight will allow owners to read at night, and the device has a built in voice recorder.

Just like the Kindle books can read in landscape and portrait, and a power saving mode will improve battery life. Asda say the device can also play films as well, and there are offers of buy one get one free on certain book titles. High street retailer WH Smith also has a number of eReaders, and has a device which looks pretty similar to the one that Asda offer, but priced at £64.99. But at the time of writing is out of stock.

You can see the Asda e-Reader for yourself by clicking the link here. The device already has one review from someone who already owns one, and gives it five stars.

Would you consider the Asda eReader?



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