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Nokia E6 Specs: E5’s Bigger Brother

With just one week to go until MWC 2011, we can now expect to see a number of rumors regarding upcoming phones, such as the new Nokia E6. There had been talk that it would come with a large touchscreen VGA display, but if we are to believe the images on Engadget, then we were wrong.

Looking more closely at the images we can see that the E5’s bigger brother will take some design features from the E71 and E72. Some of the specs shows that Nokia are still trying their best to pack everything into this handset to make it compete with RIM and their Blackberry range. Going with the QWERTY formula is certainly a step in the right direction.

However, where Nokia goes one better than BlackBerry is with its camera choice, going with an 8-megapixel for the E6 and an LED flash. Not much else is known, but we can expect to get more details during the Mobile World Congress – sure you can wait a week?

TechRader believes that our dreams have been shattered that the E6 will not come with a touchscreen, but we are not so sure. This handset has been designed for the business users more, and history has shown that they love the touch and feel of a physical keyboard. Would you agree with that assessment?

What other handsets are you looking forward to seeing during MWC 2011 next week?



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