Motorola Xoom Price: Is $800 too expensive?

By Gary Johnson - Feb 10, 2011

We are seeing a lot of tablet news over the last few months, as various companies bring out devices to take on the Apple iPad. One tablet that has got many people excited is the Motorola Xoom. Now we may have some more idea of the price courtesy of a Best Buy advert.

Engadget are showing an advert which is allegedly from Best Buy, which shows the Xoom is coming on February 24th, and priced at $799.99. It was thought before that the Motorola Xoom would indeed be priced between $700 and $800. The advert in question also shows some data tariffs which begin at $20 per month for 1GB of data, or if you need more it goes up to $80 for 10GB.

PCWorld has recently managed to get some hands-on time with the Xoom, and was impressed with build quality, but did find it was quite heavy. The screen displayed images beautifully, and was found to be really responsive.

One thing that did concern was the Honeycomb camera application, with the on-screen button and navigation feeling awkward. But after only a small time with the Xoom it wetted the appetite to spend more time with it.

Is $800 too expensive for you to consider the Motorola Xoom?

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  • Chris

    $799 for a tablet that is one of the first to deliver Honeycomb!? This isn't an iPad 2 or something, its an experiment for the market. Make the Wi-Fi Only model $500, or at least $550, or this thing is dead in the water before it gets good.

  • 799 is just a suggestion. What if we were able to get together and buy together? how low could we get the price down? As low as Best buy is getting them? SwayTrain is doing this. If they get enough people they will get the price down and do some social/environmental good in the process. Who's on board?

  • Bob

    Oh Please! Stop all the whining and belly aching about the price of the Xoom. People stood in line for days to shell out over $900 for an iPad that's little more than a big iPod. No one complained about the data plan costs then for the iPad. Now that Xoom wants the same $800 bucks for a tablet that has twice the features and performance of the pitiful iPad, suddenly there's an outcry and alot of whining and complaining about the price which is the same as the 64/3G iPad! I do agree, however, that the forced purchase of a data plan just to use the WiFi is even a deal breaker for me.

  • GINA


    • Bob

      If times are so hard one should not be considering buying unnecessary electronic gadgets

  • Archosfan

    800$ is the price of a laptop, too much for a tablet.
    I'd say 600$ (or ~450€) should be the max for a high end tablet

  • John Brown

    I agree $800 is over the top! Then you add a monthly fee! no way for me.

  • Andy

    I want a dual core, wifi only tablet with honeycomb for 500… I would buy that in a heartbeat

  • Falken

    Absolutely $800 is far too expensive. There are very few apps designed for a 10" tablet. A lot of them will crash and will only lead to disappointment. It's early days for Android on big screens so for the time-being this is just a very expensive media-player/web-browser. It needs to be cheap!

  • I think they better drop the price way down if they want someone to buy it, drop the price to $500 that's FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Now your talking, thank you