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iPhone 4 8x Optical Zoom: Ultimate Camera Accessory

There is no doubting how welcome the new zoom features were on the iPhone 4, but that was just digital and not optical. We do not have to remind anyone about how poor digital zoom is, so while we wait for the 10th-geneartion iPhone to offer such technology, we thought we would show you how you can get an 8x zoom on your Apple smartphone.

The Eye Scope has been specially made for the iPhone 4, and along with an adaptor is a tripod to help give you those steady shots. We are not going to say that you will be able to replace your current camera, but it will certainly give your photos a more professional finish – that’s what Pocket-lint say anyway.

Looking at some of the images (see here) it is as if you have found a miniature DSLR lens, and the fact that you can even focus manually is just another added feature. The minimum distance for focusing is 3m up to 246m, but you will need to be committed to using the device, as the Eye Scope will cost you £29.99.

Looking on the Firebox website not only are they selling this version, but also the one for the 3G/3GS as well. We already know that it is not rocket science to use the device, but that has not stopped the gadget seller from offering a step-by-step guide. There are also a number of apps that are designed to give you better shots, such as the Professional Camera 1.0 and Skyfire 2.0.

Do you think an accessory like this is going too far, or is there really a market for it?



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