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iOS 4.3 Release Update Date and Time

New of when Apple will release iOS 4.3 seems to be heating up now, only yesterday we reported that the release date will be February 9th, but we have an update to this. The latest rumor is that the mobile OS will be ready for download on Feb 14, which is said to be the same day the HTC Thunderbolt is released. Not only that, we also have details of the release time as well.

According to Macstories the release time for iOS 4.3 will be 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm GMT. If we remember correctly, this was the same time that iOS 4.0 was released back in June last year. We do fear that people who own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad might forget to get their loved one some flowers or chocolates, as they will only have one thing on their mind.

However, knowing what features the update will bring could be worth the argument – do not take the chance. Improved AirPlay, App update buttons and video effects are just some of them. However, the iPhone is set to get even more, such as personal Hotspots and Find My Friends.

That’s not to say that the iPod Touch and the iPad will not get their own features. These include FaceTime for the former and Finger gestures, Full screen iAd banners and Orientation lock for the latter. For more details on all these new features visit Pocket-lint.

Do you think that this will be the last update before the iPhone 5 is released, and will the next OS be iOS 5.0?


  • Lucutus

    Stop Posting BS release dates all over the NET…..

  • Fyvddg

    Where it at???

  • slimtoo

    What happened it is the 31st of February 2025 and still no updates?

  • fatman

    what happened its the 23rd and still no updates

  • metoo

    so what happened? it's the 20th… no updates?


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