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HTC Desire 2: Another Leaked Photo Proves Existance

A new photo has appeared on the internet of what looks to be a follow-up to the massively successfull HTC Desire. This news has brought about huge speculation about the HTC Desire 2‘s existence but to the fans, great excitement for what could be the unveiling of the next model.

From what we can make out from the photo, the new cellphone has a front-facing camera built next to a much wider speaker than its predecessor, also the “Android” buttons at the bottom have covered less space on the device which gives more space for the rumored AMOLED screen. Other circulating rumours state that this will run Android 2.3.1 out-of-the-box.

The leaked picture is not the first sign of the new cellphone however, the new handheld has also found it’s way onto Vodafone Germany’s inventory system which means all signs are pointing towards the arrival of the new HTC smartphone.

The original HTC Desire was released almost exactly one year ago which means it is very possible that a new release is due, hopefully we will hear some more about a possible release date and tech specs soon, perhaps we will see it next week at Mobile World Congress.

Will you upgrade to the HTC Desire 2?



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