EA Announce FIFA 11 Transfer Update Release Date

By Chris Cook - Mar 8, 2011

With the transfer window having been closed almost a week now, a lot of FIFA 11 fans including myself, are still waiting patiently for the update from the game’s developers EA. We know from past experiences it normally comes within the few weeks of February.

EA have finally announced that the update will be available to download free as from February 23rd. The DLC package will include all the latest developments from the recent winter transfer market.

To mark the occasion EA have released a video featuring the most significant transfer this year, Spanish World Cup winner Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea. The striker moved there following an English club record bid of £50 million. The video can be viewed below.

Are you waiting for this update? What are your thoughts on the Torres transfer?

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  • Amy

    Nando will get better 😀

  • Mark

    The funny thing is Torres haven't open his account for Chelsea LOL

    keep it goaless till the end of season Fernando Traitor!

  • luffy

    still cant find pc update

  • Stenovitz

    I give a bullshit for this update as long as I see the Danish 'Superliga' is not totally updated. The Torres-thing seems like a gag.
    Maybe I'm ignorant, it might already exist, but I really, really miss an open-mod version and tons of open FIFA-fan sites with the users constant updates, just as known from simracing leagues.

  • lol

    try this for pc,this is the forum link http://banglagamer.com/forums/showthread.php?1131…. update is available in this. 🙂

  • sjefke

    yeah we know you have to go in squads bla bla thats for ps3 or xbox360 we are asking where the fuck is the pc update 🙁 goddamned

  • FIFA

    all you bloody so called FIFA fans. you have to download latest squads to action EA's update it won't happen magically by itself.

    As an Arsenal fan, I am very happy. hugely improved ratings for Wilshere and Sczesny in particular.

  • lol

    where is the update for pc users????? 🙁

  • daniel fitz

    how to you do the update?

  • gerger

    PC still not out

  • luffy

    feb 23 2011 for 360 n ps3,for pc feb 23 2012.lol waiting ***** ……… 🙁

  • Johny

    u EA sports guys are completely useless.its not bad enough takes too time to launch this update,u also screw portuguese,italian,german teams,u only know a little about spanish and english leagues. why u remove 5* to aimar and saviola ? they forgot how they do tricks ?? I wait too time to see that thing LOL ,u just update(and bad) few most famous teams . RIDICULOUS

  • lol

    wat the hell is going on?where is the update?

  • Abowww

    when for pc?


  • Daniel

    its updated about time

  • chris

    look up GMT time zone on google..it has to be 5PM GMT time for the update to go up..i live in chicago so i have to wait till 6pm my time =( !!

  • Lolbot

    We just got mindfucked by EA

  • ben

    23 days I wait and Ben Arfa is NOT a Newcastle player…wtf. Congrats Ea and ur researchers

    • Bri FTM

      haha SAFC!!!!!!!!!

  • nomis597

    new update is in DK woop woop! 😀

  • twotowel

    i have the update

  • pigeon

    update is in you have to go to edit squads then download squads to get it.

  • lee

    its here

  • MrMoon

    I'have him

  • Lee Del

    Damn you to hell EA! Just had to play with that scumbag Torres upfront bcoz i believed their lies!!

  • hammer

    I GOT IT 😀

  • jordan

    update out!!

  • Seb

    its at 8pm (approx) gmt according to ea twitter

  • scratchy

    still no update!!! whats going on?

  • tomk

    wens de update in ireland?and hw do we no 4 sur its 2day?

  • dede

    no update yet. c mon fifaaa

  • Landy

    It will end up being late tonight 🙁