Apple iPad 2 Release Date: Announcement at event in March?

By Gary Johnson - Feb 5, 2011

The iPad 2 is becoming hot news lately, with many different specification rumors and features. Now we are getting some reports that Apple might announce the new iPad at an event in March.

According to Apple Insider a Japanese blog which has been accurate before in predicting Apple’s plans, thinks that the device will be officially revealed at a smaller than usual event in March. It also says it thinks the iPad 2 will only be announced, and released at a later date.

Chris Frost of TFTS is also reporting on the story from the Japanese blog, and weighs up why Apple would wait until March before announcing the new iPad. The original iPad was revealed at the end of January last year, and one reason for delaying this time could be to shift stock of the original iPad.

Apple could be trying to build up a big stock of the next generation iPad before announcing it, and hopefully better keep up with demand. They could also be waiting for the illustrious Steve Jobs to return from his medical leave.

But a report over at TechDin is saying an announcement on the new iPad is due as early as next week. It is stating that trusted sources are saying the iPad 2 will then be launched at the beginning of April. Whichever report is correct it is only a matter of weeks for we will finally know what Apple will be offering us.

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  • george

    its getting released on (well their convention about it so there announcing it) on march 2nd check around and you can see

  • Reem

    can’t w8 apple.. CANT wait

  • edwin

    who really cares get a life

  • FAG

    you'll be wrong in about 2 hours lol

  • mannye

    It has a release date for february 20th 2011

    • EmmaC

      How to You know that?

  • ipad 2

    ipad guy sucks HAHA

    • Beach Bum Brent

      Right on! iPad Guy does suck trying to give us false information. It's way past the time he said the iPad 2 would be released. Dumb. I think we have close to two months, in April 2011, before the launch of iPad 2. So my iPad is currently the best thing available to anyone, and I have one. hahahahahaha And I will soon have an iPad 2 as welll! hahahahahahahaha

  • iPood Guy

    iPad guy was wrong. Ha!

    • Beach Bum Brent

      Yes he was WRONG! And is still WRONG! Don't listen to him nor anyone for that matter as nobody knows what they are talking about.

  • Joe

    Best Buy's quarter ends Feb 28. Apple's new sku for the new Ipad is in Best Buy's system and will not be active till march 1st. Because Best Buy and Apple are partnering together a lot for this launch, they agreed to announce the IPad 2 sometime within the next 2-3 weeks.
    With Job's taking another medical leave, the launch has been postponed a couple of weeks back. Other than that, the launch was supposed to be this tuesday, the 15th.
    I am a supervisor at Best Buy, that is how I know about the partnership with Best Buy. The report that Job's medical leave postponed the launch was announced on CNN, MSNBC, and on most local networked news stations.

    • Beach Bum Brent

      Everyone knows that Best Buy is in bed with Apple now. You don't have to be an exec. at Best Buy to know this, dummy. Also, Steve has took a permanent leave of absence. He's not coming back, so don't hold your breath on that or you will die. iPad 2 is still rumored to be released in April 2011.

  • Hope it would be in this week side to the Verizon iPhone!

    • Beach Bum Brent

      What? Put down the pipe and try again. You don't make any sense in your sentence. I cannot understand incomplete sentences as yours is. Whatever you are trying to say, forget about Verizon already. This is all about Apple and AT&T. If Verizon wants to play with the big dogs then they will eventually be eaten alive by the competitors, as they are doing now. Verizon mobile customers are dropping like flies, I am making sure of it. After all, why would you go with Verizon when you can go with something like Straight Talk and get everything totally unlimited for $45.00 per month. I pay $32.06 total with taxes and fees for 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 1MB data. And I pay $25 a month for 2 GB of data to AT&T on my iPad. Verizon can't beat this. They will soon be dead in the water. May Verizon RIP.

      • Beach Bum Burned

        Haha you're so dumb, you can't even insult people right. 1MB data plan, you must run out of data really quick. "I cannot understand incomplete sentences as yours is." Did you mean, "I cannot understand a sentence as incomplete as yours." ? If you are going to call someone on their grammar, the least you could do is make sure YOUR grammar is correct. Dumb ass.

  • I think they were waiting for the Xoom Superbowl ad but that's my opinion.

  • iPad Guy

    wrong… it WILL be this week

    • jo moma

      and how do yu figure that???

    • Billy

      I've heard that same rumor, but apple has made NO announcement and they introduce all new products during their conventions; and/or showcases (whatever you want to call them). Regardless Apple would have made more of a fuss and at least made advertisement efforts, rather than partnering with Best Buy and surprising customers, not a single company has yet to do that, it would be nice though.

    • Beach Bum Brent

      Looks like you are very very wrong. Incredibly wrong. As wrong as someone can possibly be. I've heard now in many places the expected launch for the iPad 2 is in April. That is what I am betting on so I can sell my iPad just prior to the release of iPad 2.

      But iPad Guy, you are totally WRONG! BUSTED!

  • bob

    this is awsome and i cant wait for it to be released

    • Not a Robot

      This is awesome? You don't know what's on it, nor when it will be released! Lemmings!