Untethered Greenpois0n 4.2.1 Jailbreak: Download Live

By Peter Chubb - Feb 4, 2011

Those of you with a jailbroken iOS device have been waiting for iOS 4.2.1 to be jailbroken (after it was recently confirmed) will be pleased to know that you now can. The Chronic Dev has now released its untethered Greenpois0n, which you can see for yourself here. However, we have to warn that the site has been going offline a lot; this must be due to high demand.

What is so important about this latest version of Greenpois0n is how you can now jailbreak without the need to tether to a computer, not only that but PC World also reports that you no longer have to re-jailbreak your iPhone after you have rebooted it – saving a huge amount of time.

Engadget who first learned of this new version of Greenpois0n reports that you will be able to use it not only for Mac, but also Windows and Linux. They do warn that this version was made quick, so you best hold of – just until we know of any issues.

Techtree warns that iPhone 4 users should avoid this jailbreak, as it does not have a carrier unlock, meaning you will be unable to use your SIM if you do so.

There have been a few reports that the jailbreak does not work, as Greenpois0n has been crashing. Have you managed to download the untethered version Greenpois0n of yet, if so has it worked for you?

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  • mo007

    i tried to jail break my iphone the loader came on nd the cydia logo remains white.iwent back into loader to load cydia but it tells me it is already loaded but it still remains white.can anyone please help me.i deleted the loader and yet no luck

  • Kaz

    Any1 kno wher i can get this jailbreak for windows, Greenpois0n web is a fail !!!!

  • sam

    still wating for windows anyone knows.

  • iphone1

    I downloaded and installed it, not exactly sure what is meant to happen, but I can not see the Loader of Cydia

  • Marcus

    I downloaded greenpois0n last night and it worked perfectly. EXCEPT now the loader isnt showing Cydia to be installed, I'm guessing that it is because the site is down. But the jailbreak worked perfect for me. We've all been waiting forEVER.

  • Iphone

    That is why I like Geohot better!

  • Blue

    First of all a big thanks to the Chronic Dev Team.

    People, you should be patient, grateful, and help out by providing feedback if you've managed to try it.


  • dmcdm

    what is going on with greenpois0n

  • Jake

    wow they release it and now there site is offline…..WTF is going on

    • Caleb

      Not too hard to find online if you just search the web for the file! I guess a little resourcefulness goes a long way. Try megaupload, etc.

  • ncpmpn