UFC Undisputed Fight Nation: New Facebook Game Arrives

By Tina Chubb - Feb 4, 2011

If you just happen to be a fan of both Facebook and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), we may just have some exciting news for you. THQ – the developer / publisher of games such as Saints Row and Juiced – has recently launched its latest Facebook game entitled UFC Undisputed Fight Nation.

As Brenna Hiller from vg247.com (sourced from joystiq.com) recently reported, players don’t actually have direct control over the actual matches, but they are able to guide their fighters through training. As the press release (seen here) notes, this is the first official MMA-based Facebook game.

The UFC Undisputed Fight Nation game will allow players to train their moves and compete against others, as well as having the ability to share all their results on the popular social networking website. According to Tamoor Hussain at CVG, the game also comes with a management feature.

The management element to the game gives players the opportunity to compete against some of the most renowned fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As the player progresses through their UFC career, they unlock items such as new training camps and extra skill points.

Do you think the UFC Undisputed Fight Nation game will take off on Facebook?

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  • Chris

    I'm a big fan of the UFC and have somehow ended up playing this game every day since it was released. I have never played any game on Facebook before, but for some reason, this keeps drawing me back in, playing on my fear of being left behind. Even though all the game really amounts to is clicking a few buttons and watching a scripted sequence play out, I have already shelled out $10 for additional points to help me train and level up quicker.

    I have got quite a few of my friends into the game too.

    I'd really prefer the fights to be "real time" though. For example, I clicked to fight my friend and beat him, yet he knew nothing about it and the result has no effect on his record. Your record is determined by the fights that you initiate. You see the fights you choose to start, others see the fights they choose to start. There is no interaction there, which is a shame, as you are spending most of your time training and levelling up in preparation for the big fight, but then take a back seat and let the simulation spit a W or L at you.