Samsung Launches Android TV Remote App for Galaxy Tab / S Devices

By Tina Chubb - Feb 4, 2011

If you own a 2010 model Samsung television and a Galaxy S smartphone or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, then we have a bit of information that could well be of interest to you. Samsung has just launched its TV Remote Control app for Android, which is compatible with Galaxy S handsets and the Galaxy Tab.

As Eric M. Zeman over on the website recently reported, the application allows users to control their Samsung TVs. However, the app – which is free to download from the Android Market – does require a local Wi-Fi network to be able to control the television.

The TV Remote Control app is compatible with a number of 2010 models including the plasma C6500 series and above, the LCD C650 series and over and the LED C6500 series and higher. As Mike Luttrell at points out, the app comes in handy when browsing Internet@TV content such as Facebook.

Accessing your favorite content will be made much easier with the Samsung TV Remote Control app, thanks to its dedicated Samsung Apps button and 4-way directional pad that’s ideal for scrolling through TV listings and menus. Would you find this app really useful?

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  • Ray

    The way the buttons look and the metal finish on the volume and channel buttons is pretty cool. It is a little disappointing to find out that it's only compatible with Samsung phones, but I expected that you could only use it for the new smart TV's. I work for Dish Network and I am also a subscriber and I expect a lot out of the services I pay for, like my cell phone and TV. With Dish I was able to pick up a Sling adapter that allows me to tie the two together and stream TV straight to my phone. This gives me entertainment when I'm stuck somewhere like the DMV, or break room at work. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an Android phone, and Dish.

  • Frozzel

    Wow my iPhones have had this for years