Electric Sports Bike Saietta Is One To Watch

By Chris Cook - Feb 4, 2011

Following reports from the latest MCN Motorcycle Show, we are able to bring you news of a smart looking bike of the future, Agility’s Saietta. Engadget, who were able to get down to the show and see the electric sports bike for themselves, report that this is a first from the makers who base themselves in London.

The vehicle will come as a choice of two models. The first, the Saietta R and the second the Saietta S, both capable of reaching 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

Both models are electric powered and will have a selection of body panel colors to choose from. Agility say their system design will also save you money as, being electric; it is 73% more efficient at transferring the energy created to the wheels than your regular fuel powered engines are. For more details read the full article at wired.o.uk.

The only downside to this futuristic looking vehicle is the price some may argue, with its cheapest model costing almost £10,000. This however hasn’t put everyone off, as Engadget report, pre-orders are being taken already. You can check out what else Engadget found by visiting their full article here.

What do you think of the Saietta? Let us know.

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  • International Dude

    I love it. Finally something different. Something unique. And given the polar caps are melting down, and given how striking hot it is, I like the idea that it wouldn't just make me look good but also feel good. I like making a statement and this is it. I hope they make it a limited edition so it gets ever more me.