Black Ops Double XP Xbox 360: Final Straw for PS3 Owners

By Jamie Pert - Feb 4, 2011

The Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend has just kicked off on Xbox Live, this will undoubtedly attract millions of gamers before it finishes on Sunday and will help to promote the recently released First Strike Map Pack which was launched on Tuesday.

Whilst this is great news for Xbox 360 gamers it may well be the final straw for PlayStation 3 owners who love Call of Duty games, the First Strike DLC will not hit the PSN until early March, and a double XP weekend will probably follow the weekend after.

Back in June 2010 Microsoft and Activision reached an agreement to extend the Xbox 360’s Call of Duty downloadable-content exclusivity until 2012, this deal means that all CoD DLC hits Xbox Live before any other platform, which has obviously been extremely unpopular with PS3 gamers.

(image source ReconRepublic)

With Microsoft’s Xbox 360 getting all Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops DLC first a lot of gamers decided to switch to Sony’s rival, now comments on our articles suggest that more gamers may be making the switch, especially as it is almost certain that a similar deal will be reached to extend the exclusivity in the future.

We would love to hear from PS3 gamers to see what they think about the Xbox 360 gamers getting everything first from this franchise, does it matter? Will you switch to Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Soapranos

    I have both consoles. I prefer the Ps3. I don’t care about waiting a month to get map packs. I’ve been playing CoD for half a decade. One month waiting to play 3 maps is nothing in the grand scheme. Let bill gates waste his money and ultimately the money of the subscribers to xbox live so that they can play something a month early. Who cares. I don’t have a current xbox subscription because it’s BS to pay for something that is free on the other console. Screw MS. 

  • Medhood

    i dnt give about this killzone 3 coming anyway so im not getting the mappack as im too busy playing killzone suckers its way better then cod and awesome melee system and 1 good thing xbox cant have it cause they need blu-ray ot handle the graphics 🙂

  • guest

    I went back to my 360 after the PS3 hack, i'm sorry SONY but i will sell this "PMS3" and never return, hackers are a bunch of scumbags JMHO!!!!

  • Brock3921

    I play ps3, and i will never go to xbox. I love the fact that i get my blu-ray player and free online. I have played Black ops on xbox and there is one word to describe it… campers… it is ridiculous, every corner u turn there are 2 guys on the other team just waiting for someone to run by. PS3 is mostly run and gun style and thats what i like. If xbox gets their maps a month early so be it. They pay to play online, also to even things up, maybe PS3 should get a week or so of double points to balance it out. Also i dont mind that ps3 gets it a month late, that lets them solve all the problems that they see with all the people who cheat ( mods and glitchs) and fix it for ps3 so we dont have to deal with those people (xbox is known for this).

    • Smarterthanyou21

      yeah apparently u arent so smart the payment that xbox users pay is 17.879 cents a day and in my opinion anyone who can afford the overpriced games can pay 17 cent a day and yes i hav xbox and ps3 so i am not bias whatsoever

      • Soapranos

        Dude, you sound like one of those ethopian “feed the children” commercial with your 17 cents a day. I don’t want to pay 65 bucks a year to play on what I consider an inferior system just so I can play 3 maps a month early. That’s retarded. I own both systems and only play the ps3 online so I”m not bias whatsoever either. 

      • Soapranos

        Dude, you sound like one of those ethopian “feed the children” commercial with your 17 cents a day. I don’t want to pay 65 bucks a year to play on what I consider an inferior system just so I can play 3 maps a month early. That’s retarded. I own both systems and only play the ps3 online so I”m not bias whatsoever either. 

      • Soapranos

        Dude, you sound like one of those ethopian “feed the children” commercial with your 17 cents a day. I don’t want to pay 65 bucks a year to play on what I consider an inferior system just so I can play 3 maps a month early. That’s retarded. I own both systems and only play the ps3 online so I”m not bias whatsoever either. 

      • L3G3ND

        17 cents a day adding up to about $65 in which you could have just bought another game to play instead of paying to play. And I own both, but only ps3 online because I don’t want to waste my money!

  • Guest

    To everyone who says they can't afford to switch systems, I hope you are ALL under 15 years old, otherwise you are pitiful. Get a real job, and there are ALWAYS extra ways to make money. I have rent, car payment, insurance, school loans, utilities, and plenty of other bills. Not to mention I'm in Illinois where the taxes are raping people, and I still have a ps3, a wii, and 2 360's so my girlfriend can play online with me. Which means I buy double copies of most games. 300 bucks is not that big of a deal, get real and stop whining. Also, I pay for LIVE because #1 The latency is better because the service is better maintained, and #2 That revenue allows Microsoft to pay out cash for exclusive DLC. I also am tired of people saying "Well I have a blu-ray and your Xbox doesn't", a blu ray player is like 50 bucks now, grow up you lousy fanboys. I play ALL exclusives, and get EVERYTHING first, because I grew up, went to college (which I paid for out of MY pocket), and got an adult job. I very much doubt at 28 years old I'm the oldest person commenting on this article.

    • L3G3ND

      You seem more whiny than all these other people… and your supposed to be an “adult”? Oh and PS3 owners just know that throwing away $65 to play online and get things a month sooner is stupid. You get no exclusive content, you just get it a little sooner…and PS3 easily has better graphics than 360 (I own both), and its not all about the blu-ray player its also about the blu-ray discs which hold 3x what a regular DVD does so while your switching disks to keep playing PS3 users just play on.

  • BET

    I own both systems and could care less . . . . I do own a copy of black ops for Ps3 but, to be honest I would rather give12 bucks to a bum to buy beer with before I give any more money to the COD franchise after the "Activision" debacle.

    • Soapranos

      correction to “I could care less”
      IF you “could care LESS’ that means you care at least a little. The correct cliche is “I couldN’T care less” which means you don’t care at all. 
      Sorry to be a word nazi but that phrase gets on my damn nerves.

    • Soapranos

      correction to “I could care less”
      IF you “could care LESS’ that means you care at least a little. The correct cliche is “I couldN’T care less” which means you don’t care at all. 
      Sorry to be a word nazi but that phrase gets on my damn nerves.

    • Soapranos

      correction to “I could care less”
      IF you “could care LESS’ that means you care at least a little. The correct cliche is “I couldN’T care less” which means you don’t care at all. 
      Sorry to be a word nazi but that phrase gets on my damn nerves.

  • Nick Anteau

    i prefer the wait. it tells me HEY MORON! SOMETHING NEW IS COMING SAVE YOUR MONEY! also, the 360 is so costly, that if you bought one at launch and used it online, you could have bought 2 ps3's for the money. also, that is considering that the 360 didn't break down. i bought a 360, and replaced it twice that month. the quality control is awful. my ps3 is used but works every time. also, ps3 exclusives are HUGE compared to 360. mass effect 2 on ps3, for instance, uses mass effect 3 game engine. the ps3 will last longer, and many of my friends have already switched to a ps3.
    GO SONY!

    • idiotpolice

      Mass Effect 2 wasn't an exclusive retard.

      • L3G3ND

        The exclusive was that it had Mass Effect 3’s game engine, so your retarded! ^^^^^

  • Droid Blogger

    Does nobody on here check their facts before writing articles?

    It is also double points weekend on the PS3!

    This is clearly stated on the official Facebook and Twitter areas and since Friday the PS3 version has been giving double points and will continue to do so until Monday the 7th!

  • winalog

    to tell the truth its only a month. not exactly the end of the world. ps3 owners have been majorly shafted by black ops though. however we have a month to hear reviews and opinions on the first strike to decide wether its worth buying or not before we all rush onto the psn to get it.

    • patienceisavirtue

      If they fix Blackops so you PS3 guys can play with decent latency, then it's worth it. The maps are good. I honestly love all 4 of them. Even Ascension is good and I'm not a big fan of zombies.

  • paul

    I'm an Xbox 360 owner and play Black Ops almost everynight. It is great to have DLC first on the xbox 360 but it is no reason to switch consoles just for this. Its not like PS3 owners are missing out, they simply have to wait a little longer thats all.

  • marhorn

    You all are stupid to believe what you do about the ps3!

  • Johnny

    I have a PS3 and I am sick and tired of xbox getting everything. There are too many games that are exclusively for xbox and now they get everything first. I never thought I would say this, but I will be switching very soon!!!

    • Iownall3

      Everyone calls Microsoft greedy for charging for LIVE, but I consider my 50 bucks well spent each year listening to people complain about exclusives. Make the switch and don't look back, you'll be happy you did.

  • CPTmoonligt

    i have both a ps3 and an 360 i only use the ps3 for live and 360 for local and honestlly i dont care if 360 gets it first cause ps3 is getting another doubls xp weekend wen it is released fro us

  • Sam

    You cannot fool most of the people all of the time.
    People are getting wise to being taken for a ride.
    The customer know where to spend their money in hard times.

  • Silian

    I own a PS3, I refuse to buy a 360 for a number of reasons. I have played one and so many people i know bash the PS3 with out trying one. I had a friend play mine and was freking out cause online play is free. I think people need to learn patiens, and not to bash the PS3 until they actually play one. As for the glitchiness, ya there are some glitches but the bad ones people are talking about i have never seen. Yes connection issues are a problem but i can deal with them. Im not going to spend the money for an Xbox, and then pay for internet, and then buy all the adapters, and then i cant use my 250GB hard drive cause they dont make one. Rechargable batterys, mic and all the stuff i already had. Plus i like Bluray.

    • youRweak

      PSN *is* free, no argument there. So how's your free service been running when playing Black Ops? Ya, thought so.

  • CamMan32

    I have owned both the Xbox and (currently) the PS3, and I can tell you that the PS3 is superior to that pile of crap that Microsoft calls a gaming platform. I'll will never buy anything that is produced by microsoft again. Just like there OS you put it in and hope it works, and if it does, don't freat, it will crash within a week. Although I can't stand that Xbox losers get it first, I will be glad to wait to keep my money away from Microsoft.

    • Baron

      I have no Idea what you're doing with your OS or Xbox, but neither of mine have EVER crashed. Just saying. Stop complaining about a gaming machine, man.

  • Tyty

    Hell no i would never buy a xbox xbox is for rlly white nerds who dont have lives i care if they get it early they dont deserve it us ps3 players do we could easyily own all the xbox COD players. We deserve these map packs first. and ps3 we dont ave to put up with paying 50 $ a moth for live and we dont worry about red wring of gayness. PS3 all the way

    • chinkbeforeyoutalk

      I promise you, any FPS ever, and I mean EVER, I will own you till your *mother's* face hurts. Don't give me this PS3 players are better. MLG plays Black Ops on 360, NOT PS3. PS3's are for little asian nerds that hate that big bad Microsoft doesn't send it's money over seas.

  • Steve J

    Yet another pointless 'my gaming machine is better than yours' argument. i will never understand why people get so emotionaly attached to their console and the company that makes it, it's totaly bizzare yet the same old shit will still be argued about in 5 years time with the next generation of identical consoles.

  • stop whining

    all i hear from PS3 owners is "wah wah wah, my vagina hurts cause I don't have the maps". seriously, it doenst matter. you have a perfectly playable game…so do just that. play it. and be patient. i was a xbox owner, and I dropped that for PS3 because i was sick of paying for an online service. and i upgraded my router, and all the xbox's in my house (there is 4) went haywire with holding a steady signal. the Micro$soft support team couldnt help me out…go figure. but i couldn't be happier with the switch i made.

    • ITSupport

      I'm a network admin, and I guarantee I can get that signal steady for you. Provided you didn't buy a crappy/underpowered router that is.

  • MeRk

    you do realise it IS double XP for Ps3? The articles on this site are so retarded, especially as it says on the counters box at bottom of multiplayer "Time to prestige! First double XP weekend 4-6 feb!" it started like 6pm last night UK time ffs

  • Joe Bloxsome

    I'm not bothered as a PS3 player, as Black Ops is just a terrible game. The online never works because they won't pay for dedicated servers for a game that even costs more then most. If you want a proper game with no lag play Battlefield or MAG.

  • Suhn

    The double xp weekend is for ps3 too. I just played and was getting 1000xp per kill in SnD.

  • Nub

    Yeah, double xp is on all platforms.

  • Dale

    My xbox is flashed and my black ops is a burned copy I downloaded. All of my games are burned so I don't give my money to any game companies.

    20 dollars for a 10 pack of dvd's. New release games technically cost me 1.50.
    That alone is reason enough to switch to an xbox. Anyway, going to go play the new map pack on the game I downloaded. Have fun paying for games suckers.

    • Gotyounow

      Have fun getting banned sucker. I have your PC's IP now, which easily traces back to your router, which will show your Xbox's connection. Be a little smarter next time you decide to brag about breaking the law.

  • sam

    im not botherd about waiting a month im going to get it when it comes out its only a month, and i accept that xbox gets it 1st because they pay to go online so you no carnt allways have it our way you either wait a month or go and buy an xbox but your save money just waiting 🙂

  • Jbitter

    It really just makes me hate microsoft more. I'm definitely sticking with Sony.

  • Stricktmachine

    Um…you might want to change this article- the 360 got the dlc first yes, but all platforms ps3, pc and 360) are playing double xp. This article is a tad off.

  • markjls67

    simple! Activision and the COD franchise can go suck eggs!
    As a PS3 owner i will NOT be buying another of these games again.
    Now saddle up and get out of this crazy one horse town!

  • Dude

    Wah wah wah. PS3 players get free online play. So stop complaining about waiting a month for maps. Wanna trade? Wanna pay for online play? Didn't think so.

  • hitman toph

    F*** xbox 360 had one but got rid of it for a ps3 which is soooooooo much better ill wait but xbox360 user r flat out wasting there time get that ps3 i promise u it sooo much better i use to think xbox was better but i was DEAD WRONG ps3 all day every day

  • Snowtrouper

    I personally own both consoles and am a big CoD fan but I actually only play it on the ps3. I have met some serious issues playing black ops but previously had no problems with earlier entries in the series. I'm happy to say that y issues have been ironed out with the latest update and whilst I did feel the they were pretty poor and to some extent inexcusable I can't see myself switching consoles for the DLC anytime soon. What's in a month after all? It's not like the Xboxers are going to spend that month learning the maps and then switch to ps3 in order to gain the upper hand as there is no sense in wasting whats left of your live subscription just to beat people with less experience as, lets face it, that's not likely to the case for any longer than a week. Anyone that does do such a thing, in my opinion, is probably taking it all a little to seriously. I've had a 3 month Xbox live code waiting to be redeemed for some time now and just haven't found a reason to do so yet and this 1 month difference is no exception. In my current opinion Microsoft waisted money on the exclusivity deal but we'll see if that changes with next few years worth of CoD instalments. For now though I'd say that those who like to play on a ps3 will be hard pushed to spend the extra money on a new copy of the game, a new console and a subscription fee based on a 1 month wait. Anyone that did switch probably already owned at least one or a combination of two of those thing prior to doing so.

  • Jay

    i was thinking of giving in and buying a 360 even tho i am a sony kid im 15 i had the first play station the plastion 2 (still have it 10 feet away from me riht now) then a psp then a ps3 loved ever eclusive god of war ratchet and clank and all tht inever ownd a xbox and im not gona start now idk i have been playin ps with the same controller my whole life im not switchin teams

  • michael

    um.. the writer of this article needs to actually learn the facts.. FACT CHECK!!! Im a PS3 owner. And We have a double XP weekend happening RIGHT NOW. This article was obviously written by an XBOX fanboy… can i get a retraction?

  • guest

    double xp is on ps3 also…

  • PS3>360

    I have 2 roommates, I bought MW2 first MP, one bought second, and the other is buying BOPS MP. One more way PS3 will save you money, can have DLC on up to 5 systems. And as noted before, KZ3 is coming out in less than a month, I'd throw down $60 for that in a heart beat instead of more of the same. KZ3 + Public Beta + Move = more interactive heart pumping experience!

  • Sonam

    this is the last time I'll buy Activision game for sure.. this deal seriously does blows the fuse in my nerves but whatever

  • Drake

    Just because the Xbox gets DLC first, means nothing. It makes it no better, infact, its makes up for all its flaws and leaks in the system. Maybe they will do that same with PS3.

  • Liam

    To PS3 Players,
    Xbox people PAY to play, so Microsoft has MONEY to pay Treyarch to release it to them first. Yes I know about the option you PS3'er have to some special PSN, but that is only an option. Xbox players are the more dedicated gamers and if you wanna keep talking about "shelling out money" "we deserve all the same stuff at the same time" and all the other crap, just buy a Xbox or shut up.

    • sam the man

      xbox ppl pay to play. ps3 owners don't. Which option is better? personally, i would NEVER pay annually to get dlc a month earlier, on account of me having a life…and it would be kinda pathetic.

  • Fan(OfAll3)Boi

    I own a Wii, PS3 and a 360 and am frankly neutral when it comes down to which console is somehow best overall; I just don't care. However, in terms of the online experience the 360 seems miles ahead. I find PSN is generally an unreliable experience with more time spent waiting in lobbies or going through menus after disconnects to rejoin than actually playing which is a real shame as there are some top notch games on the system. Until this is resolved I can't treat it as more than a bluray player with great single player games. (Incidentally I find Wii online is nice and stable but underutilized; you can only play so much Mario Kart). I would much rather pay £30 a year for a reliable service. I find XBox Live to be almost flawless and happily pay for it. I've enjoyed 40+ hours of Black Ops multiplayer since release date and only about 2 or 3 disconnects, no slow down or gameplay issues. Some nights over a million people are playing Black Ops online so there's plenty of chance for something to go wrong. Heck, my Sky HD box fails more often and that's way more expensive than XBox Live, and you don't even get gamerpoints – not even for sitting through Eastenders with the Missus 😉

  • JCTucker

    This article is pointless. Double-XP is for all platforms. It was never an Xbox only thing:

    Love Internet journalism…

  • devils advicate

    too all ps3 guys that think this isnt fair. Guess what? This is business. Im sure xbox payed a pretty large amount to get the 1 mo exclusive. also. 360 users actually pay for the ability to play online so they should get something out of it. if you dont like it then try to petition to Sony that you would like to start paying $60 a year to play online. and that you would also like some exclusivity rights here and there on a few game's dlcs. Im sure they would love to take your money.

  • robert

    It's not worth switching platforms over a DLC update. My PS3 is a media center for our home entertainment beyond just 'gaming' and I have found that once I made some minor router adjustments and with some of the recent updates I rarely get mid-game crashes (1 in 20) and it's easier for me to connect a party of freiends with any of us being the host in both private and public games. I assume that when I am first connecting to the public network the system is checking my ping rate and pairing me up with other people that have better than average connectivity making the online experience better. What would be the point of boycotting a company that you already purchased the a game from the most sucessful franchise ever… that'll scare 'em.

  • JamiePertIsAMoron

    The author is an idiot. PS3 is having the double XP weekend starting today. Perhaps he should take a break from sucking the Xbox fanboy trouser tap and do a little more research before posting to his pathetic little blog.

  • QuitBitching

    You guys need to quit bitching. Xbox owners have to pay $15 for the new map pack. You get it for FREE. Jesus… some peoples children.

  • Jeff

    I will not buy another Activision product. I will not buy an xbox either.
    Love my PS3, But Sony is screwing up.

  • Mike

    Are u kidding me why on Gods green earth would i switch from a PS3 for something of lower quality. And there is no way that i will pay 15$ for the DLC, when me and some friends can all pitch in and pay maybe 3$ each and all download off my account that seems more reasonable. Activision screws me with this piece of CRAP so i will screw them by only paying 3$ with a few friends and sharing. Maybe They could learn a lesson from this sharing is caring. Oh and another thing i don't think most PS3 owners waited a month to buy this garbage, i know i didn't i was there for midnight madness to spend my hard earned 90$ on this CRAP, but have to wait for DLC which is retarted just like activision, oh well they are digging their own graves. Can't wait to see what respawn throws there way

  • Jeremy

    im a ps3 owner and to let you all know ps3 servers are doing the double xp im playing as we speak 200 xp for each kill kill streaks are double also


    Way to start a flame war!! So sick of hearing about this PS3 v XBOX thing… you would think that this was the first time either console had been given an exclusive! Anybody actually thought that it might be because xbox users actually pay for their subscriptions? Seems fair to me.

  • neonskull

    i'm in the uk and have had minimum online problems with blops on ps3, also i downloaded the old maps for zombies no problem. as for double xp weekend who cares when the killzone3 beta is available to play.

  • Dan-0

    Let me get this strait you have to pay 60 bucks a year to play COD and the only befit is getting a bonus pack one month earlier and it crashes half as much. F*** THAT. I'll watch Blurays between play time and not have to worry about annual dues thank you very much!

  • Steve

    Why is everyone moaning about connectivity on ps3 version? It has been fixed and has been for weeks. I think it's all M$ fangirls bitching about it, pig sick that ps3 sales are about to pass the 360. Lol.

  • Allan

    I thinks it's pants that XBox get exclusivety, I queued for my copy and paid the same as everyone else.. however.. I don't mind waiting, and the multiplayer isnt as bad as everyone thinks and you do get the same on 360 as both of my sons have it.. PSN is better than 360 live as you get more for your money!! the system is better plus you have a blu-ray.. it's about time the industry stopped backing 360.. everyone pays the same price for games its just that microsoft is a money grabbing bunch of.. well you know..

  • Jon-Paul

    The reason we pay for live is just for this reason. They basically bribed Call of Duty to get the dlc first with my money. I am perfectly fine with that

  • Brandy

    I'm a PS3 owner and there is no way in hell an xbox will EVER be allowed in my house. The only things that COD black ops is good for is the campaign and zombies. Multiplayer sucks! Both the graphics and the glitches. Don't think I'll be buying anything eles they make. Go ahead xbox3 crappy users pay for crap we get it for free 🙂

  • Mr.COD

    It's understandable that Xbox Live customers PAY for their online service, so in all fairness, that probably is the only excuse for Xbox owners to get it first. I am a huge COD fan, it's one of the only games I play; and I actually do have both consoles, but the PS3 offers much better graphics and picture(in my opinion..). So just because I prefer to buy COD titles for PS3, and don't pay for Xbox live, I'm hitlered into waiting for another month or so… I agree with previous posts, in that Activision should not put so much priority in Xbox, because we all contribute to making their pockets bigger… Also look at the lawsuit between Actigay and EA; Activision can't just let the minds behind Modern Warfare try and make the best shooter ever. Wait until Jason West and Vince Zampella start RESPAWN; Hopefully they crap all over Activision and console equality will ensue!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gooch

    I'm a ps3 owner and I could really care less about the Xbox getting everything first. Good things come to those who wait. And why get a 360 when you gotta pay to be online, you have to pay more for a wireless controller, gotta pay more to have an extra name, you get laser burn, the controller is HUGE, plus horrible tech support. Plus you could RROD in a month and its way easier to hack or modify the 360. So I'll just stay with my 500gb PS3 home entertainment console with bluray, free online, and with some, but I haven't noticed, lag issues. Had 2 ps3's for 7 years. how many xbox 360 have you bought in that time? probably 5 lol

    • truth


      • truth hurts

        yea….not including the (50 x 7) $350 u pissed away just to use the product u bought online…that's enough to buy a ps3. u sir, are in the league of morons.




    I'm sticking with my ps3.Sony needs to improve the psn network. I would be more than willing to pay for onlinpay to get the quality connections and games. Play station is a superior system but is being handcuffed buy Activision with low quality games, and SONY's inability to make a superior network.Microsoft is doing what it has to do to stay ahead of the "game". To make there customers happy.A satiesfied customer is a return customer.Sooner or later SONY will have to make stand. Hopefully sooner than later.

    • Gamer

      IT's nothing to do with the PS network but everything to do with Activision and its deal with microsoft.

  • gamer

    Like many, I have both a 360 and a PS3. Online gaming on the PS3 is free, and plays like it…It's not horrible, but it's often difficult to navigate and can be glitchy..

    XBL is a pay service. I'm not thrilled to pay for it, and don't appreciate that the price went up not long ago, but I can see where the money goes in comparison to a free service…

    For some reason it makes sesnse for the game maker to have an exclusive deal with one or the other, you and I don't know all those reasons….If there must be an exclusive deal it makes sense that it's with XBL because those folks are willing to pay for quality online.. the deal has been renewed again and again so as many people who are upset and say that they are walking away from the CoD games, i guess they consider you to be an acceptable loss as they renew the contract again. I love my ps3 and it gets used almost everyday – but for multiplayer gaming, I always use my xbox..

  • Rttu

    I understand PS3 owners are bummed about this. However, they shouldn't be mad at Activision, but rather at Sony. Microsoft has probably put up a rather large amount of money for their deal with Activision, and apparently, Sony hasn't. Microsoft KNOWS that this will hurt PS3, if only a little. That's business for you.

    • Dave

      you're wrong, that's NOT 'business for u'. anybody with even the slightest background in economics would know that this will not hurt sony the slightest bit, just activision. a ps3 owner would much sooner get ANOTHER ps3 game rather than another PS3.

  • Jam03

    i am a ps3 owner and i think that it is extremely unfair that xbox 360 owners should get dlcs before ps3 owners do what is the point!!!!! it is so annoying to hav to wait a month later for a dlc to come out for ps3. Also why should i waste my money on buying an xbox just to get the dlc sort it out activision and it is such a piss take the way ps3 servers on black ops r so rubbish and they still make us wait a month to recieve the dlc

  • Bubba

    I read the double XP weekend applies to all platforms, not just XBox. You do still have to wait for the DLC though.

    It’s Double XP Weekend for the Call of Duty: Black Ops this weekend. .Starting at 10:00am Pacific, Friday, February 4th through 8:00am Pacific, Monday, February 7th.

    Anyone playing in multiplayer matches on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops will earn double XP rewards and level up.

    Don’t forget that “First Strike” is available for 1,200 Microsoft points. The pack features five new maps, including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium, as well as one new Zombie level, Ascension.

    Created by Treyarch and published by Activision, Call of Duty: Black Opsmadeentertainment history this November when it shattered theatrical box office, book and video game sales records for five-day opening worldwide sell through in dollars, selling more than $650 million.

  • fadaching

    i own both a ps3 and 360, and also own the game on both. i will not be buying the new map pack because of the fact it comes out on 360 first. and as long as this continues i will prolly not be buying any more call of duty games in the future. i cant wait till Brink comes out so i can tell treyarch to **** them selfs

  • matty_wall

    As a ps3 owner i am very dissappionted…Like gaming isnt already too expensive…..People say ps3 owners should switch to x-box..Well money dont grow on trees and i like my ps3…but i really dont think it is fair to release DLC on one system befor the other when the game was released on the same date for all systems…..These people are too much…And im playin cod blck ops right now but im not gettin any double xp wtf…….

    • yournotsmart

      I agree. Releasing on the same date, but DLC being delayed isn't fair at all. From now on all games should come out on Xbox first, and PS3 a month later. Happy now?

  • yo mama

    ps3 sucks sony should stick to making tvs and bluray players.

    • mike

      and xbox should stick to ripping off idiots like you every month.

  • Sam

    I've been playing lately since, after several months it seems they got rid of connectivity issues. I'm done with this franchise anyway, no point switching console. I love PS3 (REAL) exclusive games n(all "exclusive xbox games are on PC anyway). Anyway, Battlefield bad company 3 is coming this fall, killzone 3, Resistance 3, Crysis 2. There is no point buying an inferior product anymore. Crysis and Battlefield are EA products so, equal versions. Resistance and Killzone are exclusive games so, will get the best of the machine.

    I loved COD, but enough is enough, I won't pay for that crap anymore. Thanks Treyarch for making me see the error of my ways 🙂

  • jonathan

    i am a ps3 user and i dont really care we still get it just a month late who gives a shit stop complaining

  • gamerking

    haha ps3. xbox rules

  • Yoshiboy_01

    The cost to buy a new system during these harsh economic times makes me not even think twice about not switching. Who cares if I have to wait month. BIG deal.

    As for connectivity, I agree that is something that needs to be fixed considering when I played MAG we had 256 players on one map and no glitches. So, think the connection issue is with Activision not Sony. And of course Xbox would have exclusivity, the network is more than double. It's economics. However, I find games just look better on PS3 and yes the blu-ray is great. Not a big fan of 3D games but PS3 is the only system robust enough to handle that kind of game when it comes out.

    Gaming is about to go through a big change so I would just sit back relax and enjoy.

  • justaguy

    How can I not feel betrayed as a PS3 owner? I mean, the connectivity of the PS3 BLOWS, but I'd be willing to pay if they fixed the connection problems. Sadly, it boils down to the economics of the company, and I guess they believe that the christbox is more lucrative. Oh well, I can't afford to go out and buy a new system when all of my friends have suffered from the ROD at least once. Time to wise up and pay some attention to EVERYONE who contributes to your bottom-line.

  • Matthew evans

    so wheres the double points went on this afternoon and the points are still the same

    • Dennis

      just started 30 minutes ago, get on now and itll be double

    • LMAO! So much for "Double XP" and "Xbox exclusivity". Too funny!

  • 'chris

    im a ps3 owner and switching to another system is too expensive ( buy a 360, buy the game, and buy live = too much ). Id rather just stick with ps3 and keep the free online and save the money. Ps3 games are much more interesting and the blu ray just makes it better.
    either way activision needs to improve the game for ps3 and stop taking favorites!

  • DecK-

    Money well spent? the whole reason they are more xbox users than ps3 is because it came out a little sooner and was at least $100 less. In other words, people thought they were saving money by buying a Xbox but you have probably spent over $200 on XBox live already. Look up the hard drives and operating systems compared, PS3 is superior

    • Mk4deadpool

      Just because the ps3 hardware is better doesn't mean you have a better experience. You probably never really looked into the xbox live experience and your just running your mouth. You get what you pay for. And thats why your sitting there complaining about how you dont have the maps while I enjoy my fb twitter lastfm espn zune and netflix apps on my dashboard. Ohhh the free headset that comes with my xbox. Oh and one more thing my first strike dlc for black ops. I love these maps how about you. Oh wait you have a ps3you wouldn't know.

    • jonathan

      and ps3 has a blue ray player

    • jason

      yes money well spent stop crying. and just wait for it or stop playing

    • killa

      who cares man xbox live is better, sounds like the only ppl bitching is the ppl with ps3s….oh yea and black ops is ballin, eventhough mw2 was better…and yes i do pay 65 dollars a year to play xbox live but its better than shit ass ps3, you bunch a bums always lookin for handouts…..suck my balls

  • Lopov

    I'm a PS3 owner and I think it's ridiculous. I beat the single player mode and played around with multiplayer, but the only reason I bought the game was for zombies (preferably of the nazi variety). The fact that I still can't play the classic maps on BO makes me sick…and now this? Does this mean I'm going to go out, buy a 360, buy black ops AGAIN, and download the DLC? F*** NO! NOBODY THAT I CURRENTLY KNOW, WOULD EVEN CONSIDER DOING THAT. That being said, it is actually within the realm of reason that I just replace Call of Duty (thanks EB!) with one of the GREAT new games coming out (Killzone? Uncharted?) and in the future, COMPLETELY avoid buying activision games altogether seeing as this is going to be hard to forget. Truth is, there's too much competition out there for these guys to be pulling this sh**. The zombies mode is awesome, but why keep black ops when WAW (as slow as it may be) sadly has so much more variety.

  • jsw …69

    been shafted on it been practically unplayable on multiplayer and now the mappack,words fail me.i hope they go bust off the back of it

  • booshank

    Long live Xbox Live…we may pay for the service but it's money well spent….

    • Lopov

      That's money well spent to you? You need a girlfriend.

      • Mk4deadpool

        Xbl is awesome. You get whay you pay get free online you get a shitty online experience. Theres no arguimg that

      • Dennis

        You need a boyfriend

      • Daniel

        Ohhh good one. Talking shit about having a life over the internet.

      • @Lopov. LMAO! Dude, you are so right! Why would you spend money when you don't have to?

        • changoreem

          PS3 owners=lonely game nights
          Lonely game nights=having restroom date with pamela "hand"erson

  • Ah Boogy

    I will NOT buy an XBox and I WILL be less inclined to buy Activision games…. 🙂

    • Sam

      With you there, there is absolutely no exclusive xbox games (since they all are on PC, and none of them appeal to me anyway)
      I've been buying COD games since COD3 but BO is just to much for me to handle. I won't be buying activision stuff anytime soon.

    • brad

      Yep, had 2 360s, they both redlighted. Never switching to Xbox.

    • every1 camps but me

      yes what will they do, they'll lose millions over the few games you wont buy

  • guest


  • VinTheDean

    Sorry but COD is NOT the only quality shooter out there. The one month exclusiveness is not the end of the world. I don't have an Xbox and I will not be buying one for just one Game. Activision does not care if people switch because they still get the sell.

    I got all DLC for MW2 a month later. I did not care because I was getting it eventually.

    Activision will loose out with me for on the Blacks OPS DLC not because of the 1 month exclusive deal, but because of KZ2. That comes out before the DLC is available. So they lost my sell.

    • ITS_YA_BOY_K

      you mean kill zone 3 homes

  • josh


  • xMcFearless14x

    Already switched. Glad I did too. PS3 version of Black Ops is almost unplayable in Multiplayer. Glitchy with tons of connectivity issues, not present on my Xbox. I guess it pays to pay to play. RIP PS3.

    • michael

      your an idiot. I have both xbox and ps3.. connectivity issues are 100% the same on both platforms. The xbox just costs you money to log in. Winner is PS3.. atleast its free to wait for host migration. The games p2p design does not improve just because its on the Xbox.. u are still connecting to other xboxs meaning you are dependent on the host xbox's connection. GG newb. try again.

      • michelle

        Wish I could say the same for you….newb

  • josh

    I am a ps3 owner of this game and the exclusive deal blows i want to play before new games take over my tim but i guess treyarch does not give a shit about the money that ps3 owners dish out i call a boycott against the company i will be waiting for resistance 3. and playing dead space 2 until then i have lost all respect for money grubbing greedy ass companies.

    • Colin

      They don't give a **** about the money PS3 owners dish out because Microsoft pays them much more than that for the exclusivity deal.

    • Brad

      I agree with Josh, I'm thinking about just boycotting COD since they don't care about PS owners.

    • jason

      stop crying

      • charlie

        well said…. it's a game we play for free…. wait…. you sound like little brats…… and ultimately xbox and all microsoft products suck arse…..