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Kyocera S2100 on Virgin Mobile payLo: Specs and Features

If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a handset, but still want access to features you usually expect from mid-high-end smartphones you may want to check out the Kyocera S2100, this cell phone is available from Virgin Mobile USA and is available on their payLo no-contract plans.

The S2100 is not going to win any awards for good looks (scroll down to see a couple of pictures), it has a clamshell design and features an external LCD display, also you get 3G connectivty, Bluetooth, Google Maps, web browsing via Opera, 300 hours of standby time, 4.2 hours of talking time, a VGA camera, speakerphone and much more, you can find out further details here.

There are three different Virgin Wireless USA’s payLo price plans to choose from, you can see the options via the image below, however if you want more info you can find out more direct from Virgin Wireless, you don’t necessarily need an unlimited plan with their $30 per month option, this gives you 1500 minutes of talktime, 500 messages and 10MB to use up within the month, obviously the data allowance is not great, therefore you should be aware that once you go over your allowance you will be charged $1.50/MB.

You can buy your Kyocera S2100 for just $39.99 (excluding taxes) from stores such as Best Buy, RadioShack and Target, if you are looking for lots of data access this is not a great choice, however if you just want to talk and text for $30 a month you should certainly consider buying the S2100. For full details check out this press release.



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