Killzone 3 For PS3: Would Xbox 360 Have The Power

By Chris Cook - Feb 4, 2011

We have some exciting news to bring you thanks to a report at Eurogamer, following a technical presentation of Killzone 3. The information they discovered, was that the Director of Production of the game Arjan Brussee, had revealed Killzone 3 would use 100% of the power available in the GPU. This compared to Killzone 2 which only used 60% of available power, is what makes this so exciting. You can read what else they found in their full report here.

With this news being revealed, it allows us to understand why the game is exclusive to Sony PS3. But what if it wasn’t, would the Xbox 360 be able to cope with this type of graphical power? This evidence suggests otherwise.

Arguments over which console is better have been ongoing since the first release of the Sony PlayStation 3, back in 2006. Technically there isn’t much between the two as we found out thanks to a full breakdown comparison provided by IGN. They compared both the latest models from the two brands.

Their comparison was broken down into categories, such as HDD, GPU and CPU. The aim was to find out which had the best technical specs. You can read here what their conclusions were. Also you may want to check out the video at the bottom of the screen comparing both consoles by their CPUs.

What are your thoughts on Killzone 3? Which console is best in your eyes? Share with us what you think.

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  • Shimooona

    @zB34st NOPE never shitty GoW lol i hope that they´ll never do that LOL

  • zB34sT

    what i think should happen is that xbox give gears of war 3 to ps3 and ps3 give xbox killzone 3 fair

    • Dave

      ahahhahahahah, dude that's not gonna happen lolll

  • NeverGoingToHappenXboxLosers

    Jamboy776 Xbox 360 is a atique piece of shit. Just accept the fact that you will never get a superior game like killzone 3 on your inferior gamecube. And I dont know why your cursing Sony for making it exclusive for PS3. A moment ago you were all saying killzone 3 sucks, now you want it! pathetic. Ill just be off to play it now 🙂 lol

  • Jamboy776

    Killzone would easily run on xbox 360 xbox is the superior console if you knew anything about consoles you could see that :L

  • lor

    The problem with the PS3 is it was and is too advanced for its time. Killzone 3 is just the beginning of whats capable on the PS3. Most multi-platform developers base games around the 360 architecture and port it to the PS3 giving all our games sub-par graphics (also considering it is more expensive to develop games around the PS3 as its impossible to port them without serious re-writes) 360 has a larger fanbase so it just makes sense that all games are developed around it (except for Sony exclusives which haven't been taking precedence). Anyway I am dawdling at the end of the day it is irrefutable that the PS3 contains better hardware and hardware configuration than an Xbox360. That doesn't make the 360 a lesser machine, if anything it is more of a practical system because of costs and game library. I personally have a PS3 because I want to play with the hardware and see what neat things I can do with it that I cant do with an 360. Fanboys on both sides are annoying, we all need to except the facts. Porting KZ3 to the 360 would require extensive downgrades and re-writes and may not sell as good to that market, its not happening anytime soon so this conversation is pointless. The game as is will not be playable on the 360.

  • wtfwtfwtf

    You try to be smart and you almost pulled it off… But you are stupid because you fail to know that PS3 has 512 RAM total. The GPU has 256 dedicated DDR3 RAM and the processor has 256 XDR RAM which the GPU can use some of if it needs it. The processor is also super efficient with RAM and because XDR RAM is so much faster and flexible then DDR3 RAM it uses even less. Meaning the processor uses all the RAM it needs and the rest of its RAM can be used by the GPU. The 360 has shared RAM. No dedicated RAM except for I guess 10mbs of eDRam… In the end the 360 has the RAM set up similar to computers 10 years from now and Sony is up to date because it has dedicated RAM for graphics.

  • Jackson34

    I've seen Rage and Crysis 2 running on a Xbox 360 and those games have graphics that leave Killzone 3's on the ground so this is such a silly question. Of course it would be possible to make KZ3 on the Xbox 360! Double ram and a better GPU are present in the XBox 360, ya know?

  • stevesmith

    There is no way in the world Killzone 3 would be able to run on the outdated xbox 360. This question shouldn't have even came up in the first place.

  • HouseNoodle

    "Can my 360 play killzone 3?" Of course my 360 would be able to run killzone, but to the same physical and graphical levels as my ps3? that's highly debatable – and since we're not going to get the chance to compare it on both systems, any speculation of "it would" or "it wouldn't" is not certain by any means. Of course, on a hardware "numbers" level, the two systems are almost similar, but what of the lower amount of RAM the ps3 has? What of the lower amount of video memory? Keeping this in mind, why is it that ps3 exclusives seem to have more "stuff" happening in them (particles flying everywhere, more detailed physical modeling, etc) than the 360? It has something to do with the ps3's hardware resource sharing, not just its pure horsepower. When the ps3 first came out, I laughed at the specs of the ps3 (because I was moving from pc gaming, thinking only about hardware "power" and not about new theoretical ways of managing more information with fewer resources, which the ps3 does – and quite well). "Can the 360 run killzone?" is not easily answerable. Ps3 games must be programmed differently to efficiently share the playing field they're running on in the processor. Keep this in mind. Play the BETA, and we'll see how it looks in the demo on the 15th.

  • lmaoatxbots

    Did the Xbox360 manage to hit KillZone2 benchmark already?


    No Xbox game comes even close to KZ2…yeap not even crysis 2 and others multiplatforms cited.

    • HouseNoodle

      I stand corrected if someone was able to find a 360 trying to meet the reqs of kz2.

  • @Great 117's Mum

    LOL, 360 fangirls crying hard in the comments. What's the matter – are you dorks bored of Galo already?

    Every reviewer has already agrred that Killzone 3 is the new genre king delivering graphics and quality that Galo can only dream of accomplishing. 360 exclusives have crap graphics and the 360 couldn't run Killzone 1 let alone Killzone 2 or 3.

    Galo is an embarassment to the gaming industry and the only option for REAL gamers are games like Killzone and Resistance. Crysis 2 has gay graphics.

    • marhorn

      No YOU are the embarassment to the gaming industry! Halo destroys all the games you have mentioned! You perpetually further the misconception that idiots beleive………sony has lied to you! Xbox has won (and deservedly) this (and the last) generation! To steal a quote from a great person……..Fear lead to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering……… You fear what you dont understand… hate it cos its easier and the only person who suffers is…..YOU for having a small and narrow mind!

    • martin

      also, Killzone 1 was on ps2 ya dweeb! and xbox is clearly better than ps2!

  • @Great117 Crysis 2 got beaten by killzone 3 in term of grahics on consoles same to rage and code name kingdoms so dont laugh buddy.Killzone 3 is abut 43GB, it would fit on 6 DVD's, even then, the 360 would explode at the main title screen.Play the game first then talk if u dont keep ur mouth shut TROLL!

  • Beefstew

    Those videos are from Techno Buffalo, not IGN.

  • Bandits6

    Guerrilla Games the makers of Killzone 3, is a first party development team from Sony, meaning they are owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. That's why Killzone 3 won't ever show up on the 360.

    @Great117: Rage looks like crap, Crysis 2 runs like crap and has frame rate problems and screen tearing. Kind of funny that anyone would mention Codename: Kingdom as all that was ever shown was a CGI announcement trailer with no game play.

  • KlatuBerataNicto

    Xbox could do it, but it would take multiple discs. Its not an inability of the GPU's (which are clearly comparable), its the blu ray's capacity. I own both and Gears of War and Killzone 2 and they are remarkably similar, in both graphics and even characters. I think Killzone 3 and Gears 3 will be the same story.

  • lol Rage, Crysis 2, Codename: Kingdom and many other games look to surpass Killzone 3 . Killzone 3 is nothing but a Flop with Reviews coming in LOL

    • Kameraden

      flop ? You are a flop, LOL

  • Lukw

    I believe it oculd run on the 360. It would probably look almost as good if not as good. Its definately possible black ops runs on the wii so they could put killlzone 3 on the 360 if it wernt for sony

    • Kevin

      They had to tone down the graphics for the Wii. I'm pretty sure they mean could it be run as is.