iPad 2 in the Wild: Existence Confirmed

By Peter Chubb - Feb 3, 2011

We previously reported that The Daily iPad app was launched yesterday, but we were shocked to learn that the second-generation version of the tablet was mentioned during yesterdays launch event. We already knew that Apple was working on said device, but we did not know that one is in the wild.

Pocket-lint knows this rumor to be more fact that fiction, as the source was Reuters. This means that there is one or two out and about, this is the first time that its existence has been confirmed. We still have to take this report at face value for the moment, as there are no images, and one will not likely be left around in some bar somewhere.

The eyewitness was said to have seen the new iPad 2 in the flesh so to speak, and can confirm that it does have a front-facing camera. We are still unclear when Apple will show its news tablet off, we had assumed that it would have been last month – that has come and gone.

We have to wonder how Apple is able to stop images of the 2011 version of the iPad from appearing on the Internet, especially when it was being flaunted about so much during the launch of The Daily?

You have to laugh how Asavin Wattanajantra from The Inquirer describes the iPad 2 if it was at the event, as a “10-inch drinks tray” – has to be the best yet. Do you believe that the device was at yesterday’s event?

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