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Chinese New Year 2011: Celebrate With Apps

Today is the Chinese New Year, and is the year of the rabbit. It is obvious that you will not be able to see all of your friends and family today, so most of you will be at home or work with your smartphone nearby. Why not put them to good use with downloading and installing an app that has been designed for this event.

The first app that we have for you might be your most important, as it will allow you to send a greeting message to someone. There is more to this app though, as it also offers 12 zodiac Chinese prediction – allowing you to plan the year ahead. More details on this can be found on App Shopper; the app costs just $0.99.

For those wanting a bit more then how about Carnival on Chinese New Year? This app, which costs $1.99, brings out the fun in this great day by giving you puzzle games to play. Some of the features include two new game modes, puzzles and so much more.

Finally we have Chinese New Year eCard for you. This app will cost you $0.99, and will send the recipient an eCard with a image of what animal is part of the New Year this year. There is not much to this one, but it is a nice way to send a message to a loved one, friend or family member.

How will you celebrate the Chinese New Year?



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