Bing vs Google: Market share and 2011 Expectations

Google and Microsoft have been having a war of words recently; it started with Google accusing Bing of copying their search results. Tensions between the two companies’s continue to rise with Microsoft calling the accusations a “publicity stunt.”

A report on Newser is reporting that Microsoft are saying Bing uses 1,000 data points to achieve its search results, with search items from Google only showing up ten percent of the time. Then a Microsoft executive said that Google itself has ‘copied’ some of the results.

According to a report on, Bing is seeing its numbers grow while Google’s are remaining flat. In the month of December 2010 Google had 69.67% of US searches, while Bing powered searches accounted for 25.77%. This is a trend which started back in 2009, when Bing were gaining market share. During 2011 this is expected to increase further with Bing grabbing a bigger slice of the market.

Whether anyone is actually guilty of copying remains to be seen, but both companies are the main search engines a lot of people use. Bing was the new kid on the block, but is now establishing themselves as a big player. We use a few different search engines including Google and Bing.

Which search engine do you use?



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