Two Worlds II: UK Gamers Face Another Release Date Delay

By Tina Chubb - Feb 2, 2011

UK gamers appear to have been delivered another blow in regards to the upcoming Two Worlds II game today, when it was announced that the game’s release date had suffered yet another delay. As we previously mentioned here, UK gamers were originally expecting the game at the end of January.

The next UK launch date that was given was February 4th, but this was changed again yesterday to February 18th. However, according to a recent article by Matthew Reynolds over at, TopWare Interactive has now revealed that the game won’t be arriving now until February 25th.

The publisher’s managing director James Seaman spoke to Eurogamer about the delay, and said that the shipment – which contained the Two Worlds II Collector’s Edition and other components – that was heading to the UK from China had unfortunately been wrecked.

He then went on to explain that the company is currently printing some off in Europe, while the boxes are being air freighted from China. As Robert Purchese from recently reported, the Two Worlds II game was originally meant to be an autumn 2010 release title.

What do you think of all the release date delays this game has suffered?

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  • Equilibriator

    Personally i think that the excuse "the packaging was damaged" is a load of bullshit. If that really was the problem then we wouldnt be seeing strange events such as amazon getting the selling rights and multiple date changes.

    Think about it, if the packaging was damaged and the problem was linked solely to the uk, then the fix time could be calculated. The amount of times this game has been booted back recently suggests that people have been holding out for something. Maybe a deal with amazon, maybe shitty dick head way of advertising by building up interest before releasing.

    Whatever the reason, I agree with the previous comments from people – there is no chance in hell im paying them money for this. It would be like rewarding them for pissing me off for the past two months.

    You've really shot yourself in the foot you money grabbing bastards, i hope you get everything you deserve because the RPG market is not one to be abused, not with so much renowned competition.

  • IceMan

    Everywhere today, told me it was out officially today, yet its only available for pre-order from Amazon and wont be released until March 1st, its a fecking joke to say the least, i went out with every intention of buying it despite all the delays, and because everyone got messed around once again, i've gone and bought 3 pre-owned games instead with what i would've spent on this one, theres another £40 they've missed out on and i've no intention of buying it now until its at least £20 second hand with which the publisher still wont have had my money, they've really screwed themselves with this, not us!!

    • matthew harriman

      yh dude everywhere told me it was officialy out that day but its all bull shite

  • soulclaw

    i think that nobody, even if they really want this game like me, should buy it. They seem to be doin this with alot of games now, surely it should be some kind of false advertising. i am cancelling my pre order and just gonna go with dragon ages. two worlds 2 could have been a really good game if they had released it when they said they was, now noone with any self respect should buy it. NEVER PRE ORDER AGAIN IT!!!!!! THEY ARE JUST PIRATES!!!! lolol

  • eamon

    The people that r releasing this game r a pack of fcuking kunts i'm fcuking sick of fcuking waiting. I think ill wait till it's budget price that's if it ever comes the fcuk out .I realy liked the 1st 1 with all it's flaws. 4 me that was a part of its charm. Ever were else in the world gets it but not the uk and then I read the only place you can get it is on line at amazon. What a pack of fcukers. That's y we have hade 2 wait so long, so amazon and top ware could make a deal or is it that the game has hade a "NOT GOOD" mixed review ever were its went and top ware r trying make there money back.

  • Mike

    yet another delay which now makes it pointless to get as dragon age 2 comes out very early in march so 2 worlds 2 can stay in back sit.

    should this game every come out id only be buying it second hand im not going to pay full price for a game that takes close to half a year to appear

  • Billy

    Guys simply import it from germany:

    It's exactly the same, PAL version completely compatible and the language is Multiregional anyway – select English from the start…ta daaaa – enjoy

  • bob

    bring the game out in uk or ill bomb you im sick of this waiting omg ive waited ages i loved the first one made me jizz but ive been saving up and then i spend it on something else uck man imsick of it im not buying the game because of you rejects who cannot give a specific date really cod black ops are better than you

  • John

    Clickforgames has a few copies for sale right now.. ! I sent for mine on tuesday, havent recieved it yet… should arrive any day now… fingers crossed..!

    • John

      hmmmm…. promises 1-2 days delivery after recieving payment. Its been four days now and no sign of it…..

  • Chris

    This really is absurd
    I thought the lame excuses would stop once the rights of this game were taken from the incompetent hands oif South Peak.
    A quiet word to TopWare – if you are going to invent an excuse, make it less lame than this one you have come up with. It is just an insult to your PAYING customers' intelligence.

  • tom

    i dont usually mind game being delayed but ive been waiting for this since last winter! Lol

    i know its sad but im excited for this and everytime it gets realy close its delayed its sending me crazy

    surely it doesnt take 24 days to print and make some boxes and fly the from china does it?

    Stop toying with me i keep saving up and spending it on some crap game lol

    hopefully it will b worth the wait.

    • John

      Try googling Clickforgames

  • Oli

    Don’t worry ppl apparently 25 will b last delay according to this that I found on eurogamer !

    “We just received the container from China with the Collector’s Edition and other components and they are wrecked,” TopWare managing director James Seaman informed Eurogamer.

    “Several components were just a total wreck and unacceptable for us to give out to our fans.

    “We are printing some of these in Europe now and the boxes are being air freighted from China.

    “Officially, launch is the 25th, and this is final.

    “I cannot believe this but it is really happening!” he added.

    So let’s hope it is tru coz it’s also my b day 25th an I couldn’t think of a better prezi lol 🙂

    • kyle

      Your joking arent you? There next excuse will be the Taliban shot down the helicopters/planes that were bringing the games in! So we have to wait another week.

  • Scott

    fed up with the constant delays to the UK release of Two Worlds II I not know a game to date with these constant delays to a game

  • Mark

    Final Straw for me. Just another excuse. Only got so much money to spend and I'm not gonna keep saving it for a game that appears will never be released! I'm off to the shops to find something else. I'll buy it second hand if it ever materialises.


    i agree, STOP fooling us around! we want this game LOL.

  • Jack

    The ship carrying the cargo was wrecked? Huh, that's quite an excuse (and a perfectly legit one if true) but surely they should just be honest and say "look, we are trying – but we are going to have to set a new date of April or something".

    Every week I look forward to getting that dispatched email from Game and every time I've just got the 'delayed' email. Humph. Was so looking forward to it.