Sony Ericsson: Xperia X10 Update Gives Multi-Touch Capability

By Chris Cook - Feb 2, 2011

Finally Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners can enjoy the joys of multi-touch thanks to an update, which is being released around the globe now. The news of this update was officially confirmed by Sony Ericsson back in November. Where they said it wouldn’t be perfect and is limited to certain apps such as Google Maps.

Originally, Sony Ericsson had no plans to bring out support for multi-touch features and it’s still only available for the Xperia X10 at the moment. However, according to Engadget there have been talks of an ANT+ update coming to the X10 Mini, Xperia X8 and the X10 Mini pro in the future. Find out more in their article here.

This update came about due to the amount of open criticism the Xperia X10 received. The lack of multi-touch functionality, particularly being pointed out. Also included in this update are general bug fixes, language additions and optimizations.

Xperia X10 owners may be left disappointed though as there is still no word of a highly anticipated, Android 2.2 update with it still running on Android 2.1. Unlike other similar devices in the market.

Are you an Xperia X10 owner? What are your thoughts on it? What do you think about this update?

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  • nicki

    ive had the x10 for nearly 5 mnths now and it constantly freezes and is very laggy! since i updated the software i cant use the phone as it jus freezes up and turns itself off! it also takes a few trys before it will start up again! very disappointed as ive always gone with SE phones in the past and had no problems!!!!!!

  • keston thomas

    i like updates and so far its the 2.1 that made me keep my x1o so please hurry and release the 2.2 for my x10 please from a loyal SE user……

  • Davy Boy

    Yeah the 2.2 update was promised by SE and now they are saying we will never get it.
    Not only are they lying to their customers but now have lost hundreds from what i hear and read.
    I posted on my Facebook for people to pass on to never buy a SE phone because they will be dissapointed with Updates,services and left behind in the highly competitive market

  • Guest

    way I see it….software updates (read froyo 2.2 et al) elongates life-cycle of your X10. Why would you buy the Arc, if the X10 still rocks? So we buy the Arc with high hopes, ka-ching at SE! A sucker is born everyday.

  • SEStopTheLies

    Its too bad SE tries to pass the update off as multi touch, when its only dual touch….

  • Jentry

    same as travis i love sony ericsson and i am hoping they will release the 2.3 if they don't release it then it should not be called the ultimate android phone as they say in the site.

  • travis

    I love the x10. Its a great phone, although it doesn’t have the 2.2 update. My friend had the 2.2 update on his HTC and the only major difference is the multi-touch capability. I think if Ericsson is going to put out an update, they may as well put the 2.2 or 2.3. But if they insist on just putting out a multi-touch update, they should make sure it is as good as the IPhones multi-touch or the 2.2 multi-touch. There are some games (like street fighter) that require multi-touch for certain moves. But other than that, this is one of the best phones i’ve seen. Just to let you guys/gals who are having trouble getting 2.1 know, I did the 2.1 update over the internet. They have the instructions and everything on the sony ericsson website in the support section. You won’t have to call in or anything. Hope that helps.

  • Sean

    Too little too late SE. My Android experiance has been tainted enough. Should have gone with the IPhone.

  • dave

    same here semaja…. i thought going from the iphone 4 to this phone would be the best investment i ever made. the quality is amazing which is what i was looking for. i was also really looking forward to the new updates and finally staying up to date with the android os. sony really needs to step up there game, because a lot of people like myself, who chose this phone because it has a lot of the same specs as the evo 4g… might want to just dump this and go straight to the evo 4g, as htc will be updating it for awhile

  • Tyron

    Sony Ericsson refuses to update the Xperia X10 to Android 2.2 or Android 2.3, they claim that the user experience of Android 2.1 is on par with Android 2.2, well Sony; I think you should let the customers decide, and the opinion seems pretty unanimous, we are not satisfied with 2.1. Many of the other phone manufacturers have already got their products running on 2.2 and 2.3. Even LG who isn't even a huge competitor for Sony Ericsson has released the 2.2 and 2.3 update to many of their older devices, this is disappointing considering Sony Ericsson won't even release it on one of their flagship phones, and quite frankly the multitouch update is very disappointing. I am not sure how many very, very unhappy people it is going to take to get you to care about your loyal customers, but please, we love Sony Ericsson and we love our Xperia X10's but it is a HUGE disappointment that we are not getting 2.2 or 2.3. Sony Ericsson, many people have voiced their opinions and thoughts, and so have I, a 16 year old kid; I’m sure that if I can see that there is a problem here, you can too. It is not too late to win your customers back, please release the update. Thank you.

  • semaja

    Hope it comes out soon. ….I still haven’t got my 2.1 update from sony and they said they don’t know when it will be out when I called lasst week