Dell Streak 7 vs. iPad: Needs Android 3.0 Honeycomb

By Peter Chubb - Feb 2, 2011

Whenever we think about an Android tablet there are just two devices that come to mind, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom. One has been out for a while, and the other is due for release; but what about the Dell Streak 7? This is still a more than capable tablet and has gone down the smaller form-factor route.

Having a table device that is good will not cut it in this new market, it needs to be something special to compete with the benchmark that is the iPad. However, we already know that the one thing missing that makes the Streak 7 possible to compete with the Apple iPad is Google Android 3.0 Gingerbread Honeycomb(details on the event), as this only comes with 2.2 Froyo.

CNET Reviews has been giving the Dell Streak an extensive review and offers their take on the new tablet, but what do they think when compared to the iPad? The first issue is the screen size, half that of Apple’s device – which I see as an issue. The second issue is the DoubleTwist software; this is not a patch on iTunes.

Third and most important is the indecisive accuracy of the keypad compared to not only the iPad but the Tab as well. Having said that, the dual-core processor and 4G network compatibility does help gain it some ground; but is it enough?

Gizmodo do not seem to be big fans of the Streak, saying that not only does the screen size let it down, but so does the performance. This is certainly not good for Dell, and we just wonder why they did not wait and develop it in conjunction with Android 3.0 Honeycomb? Could this come back to haunt them?

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  • I have a streak 7 and recently updated it with honeycomb but I lost a part of my entertainment on the streak. I am seriously thinking of uninstalling the honeycomb due to this issue. I play scrabble free on my streak and the honeycomb update seems to be incompatible with the app. I like the honeycomb update but I enjoyed playing this game more. Im not into all the stuff others may be into. I check mail and surf the net for minor shopping needs and I play scrabble free. Oh yeah photos…love photos in a flash. Anyone have a suggestion so I can keep both and make em compatible?

  • Ewan

    Eh you missed the most important point and advantage, the Streak is a fully functional phone! It portable enough to fit in your pocket and doesn't look too ridiculous to make phone calls on it without a headset. Obviously it comes down to personal preference, but for me this is an all in 1 device, tablet and phone. Also, have you ever heard of flash?

    • Codebozo

      Right on the money Ewan! I am an iPad 64GB owner and I absolutely HATE not having Flash. *#&$!()*_@*_!#!Y^()$!
      From now on it's Android all the way for me. Jobs can stick his iPad where the sun doesn't shine and then twist it!

  • E. Wilson

    I think all new tablets should have the latest Honeycomb version – however, that should not be the deciding factor. What accessories do the tablet makers offer that will enhance the user experience? – One item I think will aide that experience is a good keyboard dock or docking station that will allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse. Lets face it, replying to emails or working on a document from a virtual keyboard is nice occasionally, but we lead more active (always-on) internet lives (checking email, facebook, twitter, etc.) and you need the tools that will allow that type of productivity. The tablet competition is certainly heating up in 2011 — Who will be king this year?… The Consumer Electronics Show let us see who's names are on the ballet — however, you will decide who is the winner with your wallet.

  • Android 3.0 is not gingerbread, its Honeycomb!!!