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DC Universe Online: DLC on Way – Includes Catwoman

If you’re one of the many PlayStation 3 and PC gamers that have been waiting to hear about upcoming DLC for the recently released DC Universe Online game, we can now tell you that you’re in luck. Sony Online Entertainment has just revealed its DLC plans, which appear to include Catwoman.

According to a recent article by Mike Jackson over on the website, Sony revealed that Catwoman will be heading to the subscription-based MMO game via downloadable content later this month, and will appear in both NPC and playable form.

One of Catwoman’s missions involves her stealing artifacts from the Gotham museum, with players then having to chase her over the rooftops of the city. Gamers will then be given the opportunity to take control of the villain, as she battles it out in PvP matches within the Legends Mode.

As Scott Grill from recently reported, the DLC will also bring a mix of seasonal-themed content including the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Another upcoming addition will be an eight-player raid for the Batcave, which will allow players to fight alongside Batman.

You can read more about the upcoming DLC via the website. Are you looking forward to the addition of Catwoman?


  • White ice Ps3

    To whom this may concern: I love what SOE. and WarnerBros. put together.. Catwoman would be a great addition to the game.. But let me get right into it, More mentors because people have other favorites, more powers cause we have broad imaginations and make it possible to create a team the way you make your individual hero or villian….

    • Fusionfountain

      thats brilliant
      you need to send that to them s feedback
      (add me my name is my ps3 account i cant remember if both Fs are capitalized
      but ya we can team up in dcu)

    • xRavagedCrow

      agrred love it but u hit the nail on the head


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