Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Review: Nothing Groundbreaking

By Peter Chubb - Feb 2, 2011

A day before the new Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike was released Alan Ng offered us a preview of the gameplay, as well as some video footage. So now gamers have spent their first day with the new DLC, we thought we would see what they thought so far. Looking at one review from Attack of the Fanboy, it looks as though it is “nothing truly groundbreaking.”

We already know that the latest DLC contains five new maps, so choosing the best one will be down to personal preference. Before they even get to the review it seemed important for them to mention that this new content is exclusive to Xbox 360 owners only, the likes of the PS3 will have to wait another month.

If you are a hardcore gamer, then First Strike map pack has been developed with you in mind. However, the one update that will be of most interest has to be the new Zombie gametype. I do fear that Zombies takes away something from the main part of the game – but that’s just one man’s opinion.

Having said that Attack of the Fanboy believes that the new zombie mode is the best part of the new DLC, so would you agree with that?

We Got This Covered has also spent some time with COD Black Ops First Strike, and has taken a closer look at each new map. They have scored the new expansion pack a 9 out of 10, but just like to point out that $15 is a little too expensive, what do you think?

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  • billythekid

    Man i just spent 7 hours downloading that DLC and im pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did i waste 15 dollars for just a zombie map but the firast match i ever played on the DLC (stadium) lagged so bad i just quit then i started a new game and the other side had the horrible lag issues this game needs a fucking lobotomy!!!!!!!!

    • backporchprophet

      it took me 45 minutes to download the 1.5 GB DLC. i think you're slow download times and gameplay lag are because you're too cheap to pay for good internet

  • vertman

    forget all that stuff and spend 10 quid on battlefield bad company 2…far better than blops anyday.

  • ZombiesFTW56

    Well a reason people pay $50 a year for xbox live is because unlike the PS3 the xbox actually pays for its servers so all the laggy bullshit or the host bullshit doesnt happen and that is yet another reason why people on xbox gets their shit first because all that money you give them is spent on contracts to allow xbox players the oppurtunity to get the maps first as a thanks for paying for good quality entertainment

  • AnthoMicrosoft

    Well a reason people pay $50 a year for xbox live is because unlike the PS3 the xbox actually pays for its servers so all the laggy bullshit or the host bullshit doesnt happen and that is yet another reason why people on xbox gets their shit first because all that money you give them is spent on contracts to allow xbox players the oppurtunity to get the maps first as a thanks for paying for so many years.

  • pie

    i agree with all of you, i mean, i bought the freakin game, why do i have to pay 15$ more for new maps? Comparing the prices of these 360 games with their computer copies, they're outrageously expensive. My friend bought BFBC2 for 20$ (it was 7$ during christmas though) and i look at the same game at Target and it's still for 60$ for 360. If I'm paying for these dumb prices, they should at least be kind enough to give me some maps for free. Combined with paying 60$ for the game, paying about 50$ a year for xbox live, and THEN 15$ for a map pack. It's outrageous.

  • themanwithplans

    I say give complete freedom to the player how he/she wants to play. If you want to sprint and knife, so be it. If one wants to qickscope, so be it. If you want bling/warlord why should we stop You? Everyone has different styles of play so why would you ban anything to favor Another? Find your style of play, perfect it, rock it. But don't complainwhen others do the same.

    • light

      I agree… but only to the point of what he game allows. Meaning, if black ops does not have the ability to quick scope.. find a new method to play. But dont complain it wont happen. Otherwise, I am going to write treyarch a nasty message about how I cannot jump up under a block and get my 1 up mushroom

  • Bob12

    The servers are bad and campers are retarded but the game is still beast and the map pack only improves on it.

  • Battousai 80

    @ Overrated.

    You must be one or all of the following while playing MW2.
    1) Marathon, Lightweight, Commando garbage
    2) One Man Army, Danger Close, Noobtube garbage
    3) Sleight of hand, Stopping Power, Quickscope garbage
    4) Tactical Insertion, Nuke Booster garbage

    I am glad that Black Ops does not cater to garbage listed above.
    Also, I'm glad that the maps are not rehashes of previous maps.

    I'm not saying that Black Ops is perfect, but at least Treyarch listens to the community and patches issues in a decent time. Thank goodness they fixed the second chance kills.

    • Bob

      Exactly, I believe Black Ops is a lot more balanced than MW2, and they perform updates when they see something is getting abused.

      They should of reduced the commando lunge, One Man Army should not of replenished tubes, and they should of taken out TIs out of free for alls.

    • light

      Agreed. MUCH more balanced. No more quick scoping a$$ holes and a couple updates have dialed down the ak to a more realistic center. I have played and loved every cod, but all the complaints of black ops… these people must have forgotten the 1st 2 weeks you could not multiplayer on modern warefare 2. Black ops still has a cou0ple bugs, but they are fixing them and I say far is the most enjoyable multiplayer yest

  • Overrated

    Black ops is truly garbage compared with mw2. They sold us a waw platform with new maps. What a joke. I put in mw2 the other night just bc I had enough of black ops. It felt like I just got a new game. If you haven’t played mw2 since Bo arrived pop it back in and I promise you will know what your missing. Have you notice even casual gamers seem to do well at Bo, this is bc it feeds on spawn waves and camping. So now the most inexperience Gamer cam amass 15 kills. Mw2 they wouldn’t have 5 kills. If you think this is great then keep playing Bo bc your obviously garbage too. Now the spawn point, mw2 would spawn one or two players near each other Bo spawns your team in 15×15 spawn radius for about 4min and they changes the location but not set up. This is a joke the other can just pivot in there location and get kills from your whole team. I’m not going into the generic map layouts or gun mediorcity or killstreak annihilations or out of ammo after killing 6 people bc apparently you can be shot 19 times before you die on core or how slow you move or how ghost pro should not have been a pro perk. But hey least you can dive and get cool reticles like heart images and put joker face paint on! Wow some good stuff if your eleven. Keep all the wager matches an shitass meaningless bs and give some good play mechanics. Treyarch your garbage go get some developers.

    • COD

      i have to admit that bo is kinda laggy n stuff but your just taking the piss saying casual/beginners cant get 5 kills in mw2 all they have to do is get the noob tubes out and start spawn killing and use commando
      oma n danger close wiv noob tubes dude your just crazy it takes more skill to get a 11 ks in b.o then in mw2

    • Mark

      You can't play MW2 anymore, without coming across a hacked lobby, god mode and all that rubbish. I was playing it straight, with no cheating, attempting to get all the titles and emblems. Logged in for the first time since Bops came out the other week, 3 out of 5 hacked lobbies, and I now mysteriously have about 90% of titles and emblems… Thanks for that you hacking bstds, oh, and i still f***** hate commando, and danger close, one man army noob tubing, give it a rest MW2 is better, PMPL. Everyone has opinion, but the fact is Black ops has a much better balance, MW2 sucks donkey dick, and IW don't do anything to fix it

    • CallOfBadness

      Stop chattin your rubbish Overrated. BO is alright! You just vexed cos u getting hurt this time around. I destroyed dudes in MW, MW2 and now doin the same in BO. If you're good at the game you can own regardless, you just must be pants!

  • marhorn

    Reach destroys black ops anyday! Bungie put care and love into their product, the coding is second to none!

  • The Kinected Gamer

    It has sucked me back into multiplayer so I can't complain lol

  • mike

    are you a retard lol you complain in this massive paragraph about how black ops is shit yet your still 10th prestige

  • rob

    black ops is not a patch on mw2 i wont be getting the dlz i had black ops within a week of it coming out played it for a month to give it "a fair crack of the whip" but to be honest it has not been in my ps3 for 2 months at least. dissapointed dont even cover it £40 for a months gaming lol i was expecting soo much more from black ops how could treyarch mess it up so badly. when is another dlz for mw2 coming out come on infinity ward step up to the challenge sort your issues with activision and give us 5 NEW maps "not rehashes of cod 4 modern warfare" pretty please

  • Marc

    Mike im with you dude if its that bad why put probably 150-200 hours into getting tenth prestige!!????

  • MIKE

    dude you're dumb you spend all that time going on about how the game sucks yet you're a TENTH PRESTIGE

    • JOHN


  • steve

    Who cares about Black Ops PS3 DLC – KZ3 is out in Feb and I know where I'll be spending my money. I hope the one month exclusive deal cost M$ a bunch of cash. They can have it.

  • Paul


    Not sure what's going on with your internet connection mate, I've been playing Black Ops without any lag for a good while now (after they 'fixed' all that PS3 nonsense) and never have any problems hosting.

    It's a decent game but $15 (~£10) is just a bit too much for a few new maps.

  • Tim

    The whole game is less than ground breaking lol ,it should have been named flop ops !!!! We wouldn't have wasted our money . we drooled over the name BLACK OPS!!!!!!! lol .I play ps3 so I'm generally screwed ,not to mention I have great internet so I am generally screwed just by turning on multilplay . it seems when you are the host you are rarely able to get kills lol ,unless you force all your kills ,which you can do ,usually 20 bullits in the head and body do it for me lol ,I have to steal someones gun about the time i get to my care package or chopper .The latiencey or lag for the most part really kills the game . poor game builders. I will not buy another treyarch game or anything to do with activision ,ever again . poor attention to detail and rotten coding . And their arrogance to their consumers has been less than satisfactory . They screwed game players on this one all the great reviews were lies .maybe i expect to much ,but thats just one mans opinion too . heres the truth ,fix the game for PS3 owners ,then try to sell game packs ,. Its like crack lol one taste and your hooked ,but its all down hill from there and leads to nothing but misery lol .I rarely play the game any longer . When your winning you feel like your cheating the other team because of the lag issues and then when the lag is against you why play lol. And thats the way the cookie crumbles for me lol . prestige 10 level 38 .

    • John

      You have a PS3. PS3's support about 5 times less bandwith than 360's do.

    • Eric

      Tim are you joking?

      As host you would have a ping of almost 0 and should have the total advantage.

      Everyone knows the host of a listen server has the advantage.

    • dylan

      you are a reatard man i have ps3 and shitty good connection and i never lag even in host mode. ur internet just sucks