Silver Playstation 3 Slim: PS3 Release Date

By Chris Cook - Feb 1, 2011

We have some exciting news for PS3 owners. If you cast your minds back to last year, you may recall us bringing you news of a new white PS3 coming out, well it seems we have another new color to report. We’ve had the original black, white and even titanium blue and now the new satin silver colored PlayStation 3 is being released very soon.

As Engadget reports, this stylish new slim, will be exclusive to Japan and is set to be headed there March 10th. Just like when the white console was released, it’s available with 2 HDD options. The first model, a 160GB costing ¥29,980 ($366) and the second model, a 320GB costing ¥34,980 ($427).

Sony have even released a limited quantity of vertical stands to match. This should finish the sexy new set up nicely. These will cost ¥2,000 ($24).

With no word on a UK release yet, how long do you think it’ll be before this design heads westward? Check out Jamie’s article to get an idea of when the rumors may start.

What do you think of the satin silver PS3 slim? Would you buy a new console just for the color?

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  • M1raklet

    Its Beautiful.. I already have it hehe bought it in south america around x-mas 10/11 happend 2 be here with my wife on traveling and they had speciel offer for latin america and japan for x-mas so its alredy realised and worth the money, so far the best looking ps3 ever… buy it when u get the chance all i can say.. M1

  • sarke

    same here

  • The Doctor

    If this ever hits European stores, I am finally buying a PS3.
    I'm still using my silver PS2 so far…