Intel Sandy Bridge Recall: List of Affected Models Estimation

We have some important information to bring you now, as it has been revealed that computer giants Intel have had to stop production and recall their newest line of processors, which are codenamed Sandy Bridge.

This is a major headache for the company, as the new line of chips were leading up to a full release to retail stores, but it’s understood that Intel have had to stop all work on the chips, as they regroup to work out the consequences of the design defect discovered in one of the support chips for Intel Series 6, which has a codename of Cougar Point.

The bad news, is that Intel have already sent out thousands of chips to manufacturers, who have already started shipping desktops and notebooks with the faulty chips inside to select customers, although the company are yet to give out official figures and exact details on which models have been shipped out. It looks like Intel and manufacturers are going to have to work together to identify which models are affected by this problem, before consumers go on the rampage.

Some details over at Reuters have revealed that Intel believe that only a ‘relatively small’ number of chips are affected by the design defect, with Reuters reporting that 8 million chips have been shipped to manufacturers so far.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Are you one of the unfortunate ones to have splashed out on a premium desktop or notebook with the defect chip inside? You can read Intel’s official press release on the situation here if you require more information.



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