Fight Night Champion: Demo Now Available on Xbox Live

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2011

Today is a pretty big day for Xbox 360 owners, earlier we revealed that new DLC was available for Black Ops on Xbox Live, now we can confirm that the demo for EA Sports Fight Night Champion is available for download.

You can find out full details regarding the new demo here, it is free for Gold Xbox Live members, you can add it to your 360’s download queue here, it is 1.05GB in size.

In the demo you can box as legends such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, alternatively you can fight as modern day starts Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, in the demo you also get to see a glimpse of the game’s highly anticipated Champion Mode.

The last Fight Night game was Round 4 which was released back in June, 2009, this game received a pretty good reception, however has grown a bit stale given the fact it is 18 months old, this time round the game will a new “Full Spectrum Punch Control” scheme and an emotionally absorbing storyline, however it will still feature the solid boxing backbone which previous Fight Night games featured.

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  • philip

    The Game seems ok. But i feel it may be limited, the punches all seem far too fast.
    You kinda seem to end up just waggling the stick?? Shame, great shame.

  • ghost locc

    i think the whole thing sucks, i played the demo yesterday, EA had two chances to step up with their boxing games and they didnt, the fight night series after this game is OVER!!!. first they rushed fight night 4 about a year n ahalf ago to compete with ufc. now they just lied to the fans saying they fixed the material where n reality was they only added a diff cam angel and the way ali punches and a diff conf buttons. everything else is the same as fight night round 4. dont let them fool u with the new career./story line system… they are just tryna lure u in to buy another crap game. n once the fance find out a month from now when it comes out… EA will be n the gutter. Too bad they ditched the chance to become a gr8 boxing game, EA BEST OF LUCK TO YA CUS U ARE DEF GONNA NEED IT!!!!! STOP LYING TO THE FANS!!!!!!!!!!

  • fightnight expert

    its good onlything wrong is the dam movement they still didnt fixx how you get sucked in and out to each other can really box in a circle its just in and out

  • jhgwrklkj

    in my opinion its quite shit :/

  • tom

    Someone please let me know how the gameplay is for this game

  • Beaker301

    No, no need for Kinect. This game franchise is strong enough without no stupid gimmick like Kinect. The developers deliberatley left Kinect alone …. it wont work for this game … good job too as they would of had to simplify the game too much.

  • Chuck

    Yeah Like I siad in the provious Fight Night post. This game should have been Kinect enabled. I would have bought it if it was but since I'm not into boxing games that much I'm ignoring it now. Stupid Move EA.