CoD Black Ops Xbox 360: First Strike Pack 1 – Download Now

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2011

Today is a great day for Xbox 360 gamers who play Call of Duty: Black Ops, the First Strike Pack 1 DLC has just become available on Xbox Live, English gamers can add it to their download queue here.

As you probably already know the First Strike Pack 1 consists of 5 new maps, one of these is a new Zombies level called Ascension, the other four are multiplayer maps called Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium.

The First Strike Pack costs 1200 Microsoft points ($15.00) and is 646.37 MB in size, the download shouldn’t usually take too long, however things might slow down because of just how popular this DLC will inevitably be.

In three days time a double XP weekend will kick off, which should help Xbox 360 gamers prestige much quicker, frustratingly PlayStation 3 gamers still have another month to wait for the DLC.

Most of the excitement has been surrounding the new zombies map which is called Ascension, you can watch the official First Strike trailer here, you get a good look at all of the maps and get a sneak peak at the perk stealing red-eyed monkey zombies which feature on the Ascension map.

Have you downloaded the First Strike DLC? Did it take long? Have you experienced problems? Which new map is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  • doggy

    halo reach rules!!!!!! i want a download for the map pack!!!!!! I cant get it here!!!!!

  • timmay

    4 hours 51%

  • oran

    why it not letting me download the maps I tried it on aswell and it said i had fond a glitch in the system what does that mean

  • Travis

    It took me 30 minutes to download. They are all hard to get used to especially camp town/ Kowloon. I'm bored of then already. Wow what a waste of money.

  • John

    Yeah, been downloading the maps for 2 hours now and only 25% done, yikes!

  • brandon

    3 hours into download, stuck at 56%…

    • Jack

      ur lucky im 4 days into it and stuck at 6%

  • Nate

    2 hours and counting…..

  • Bryant

    its taken me 4 hrs

  • paul

    ooh whats wrong you 360 owners having problems with your new maps.oh dear not the best version after all then.

  • Mad John

    I cannot believe this crap…downloaded the maps and can't even play the game at all..because servers are down, try again later or visit blackops/ status…..that site says up and running!! so does xbox live…wtf??? what a ripoff from both microsoft and treyarch!! I wasted my whole night staying up to download this junk and can't play it…Bill Gates can lick his ass on this one!!!

    • Bill Gates literally has nothing to do with this one bud. Not even close.

  • NO PC'S

    why would you play on a pc? why not just be normal and be a xbox or ps3 gamer. Any and all dilemmas by pc gamers should go immediately to this comment

  • Stephan

    You could of been banned for using a offensive emblem or trying out a glitch or something in that way.

    And the new zombie map that has come with the DLC is nice.
    But hard 😛
    nice warp mines 🙂
    new perks 😀
    Irritating monkeys that need to be killed before they destroy your perks :S

    The only thing sucks that the other zombie maps did not came with it
    FGTS trey arch

  • PedroPaddy

    Just downloaded the map packs, and it says that the black ops servers are down and whenever i log in it tells me there are 0 people in the world online. Which is obviously not true.

    • MARK

      You never know pedropaddy!!

    • Mad John

      same here….total garbage waste of time and money!!

  • Sam

    Poor port on the PS3, tons of bugs and server issues, 1 month wait for an over priced pack of maps, gotta love Activision. Looking forward to Battlefield bad company 3 and, Killzone 3. COD is usually a great game but, I just can't keep playing that game knowing what a load of crap it is on the PS3

  • Mark

    is there a double xp weekend coming for ps3??

  • christian

    when is it being released for PC?? any ETA on that one?

  • Catt123456

    I did, it took a while. There was lag at first. I am torn between Discovery, Berlin Wall and Kowloon. Stadium's boring

  • marhorn

    You say English gamers……What about Scottish gamers?

    • scott

      aye what about scottish