COD Black Ops DLC: First Strike Map Pack Release Time for Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2011

If you have the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty Black Ops, we are guessing that most of you are planning to stay up until the first DLC map pack releases tonight. It’s called First Strike and we have an indication from Treyarch for when the new content will be available.

This is somewhat of a treat for you, as Treyarch never usually narrow down a release time for their DLC map packs, but we can tell you that First Strike will be available around 2am Pacific Time or 5am for those of you on the Eastern Time zone.

This was confirmed by Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin, as his following Twitter message reads:

”Drops 2AM-ish, Pacific Standard Time. I’ll be tweeting all night so if you’re staying up for it, you won’t miss it! =)”

Definitely something worth staying up for then. Don’t forget that this content is exclusive for Xbox 360 owners first, as those of you with the PS3 version will get it a month later. First Strike will feature four new multiplayer maps, and also a brand new zombie map called Ascension. Treyarch hasn’t released any gameplay details on Ascension, but you should check out our previous report here if you’re looking for info, as it confirms the addition of new weapons and perks.

As for the multiplayer maps, you can check out some gameplay action here, featuring all four maps – Stadium, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Kowloon. Now that you know the estimated download time for First Strike, let us know if you are planning to stay up all night to play it or not.

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  • Rez

    dont even waste ur money the new maps are so SH!7

  • Simplton

    Pffft PS3. Who cares?

  • PROgoth247

    can someone tell me the release date for this new map pack for PS3?

  • yup

    lmao @ all of you people acting like you know anything….everything you guys say is on other websites ….who cares when the map packs come when they get here then get them..until then get a life

  • Just A Dude

    Of course. If Black Ops is ANYTHING like Mw2, of course Microsoft will pay to get the DLC ahead of time. Im tired of this crap. Over-priced, 5 map, WHOLE MONTH OF WAITING BULL! Im tired of Activi($)ion pulling this. Not even all of the maps are new, some are just copy-and-paste retros from past games.

    The COD francise is starting to test it's faith in the community, to see how far t hey can really go. Some of my friends dont even play COD anymore. It's just a huge scam.

  • anonymous

    Ha all xbox360 users fail u guys must not have a life

  • Jacob

    anybody from the uk got it?

  • Dante558

    When does it come out for ps3? If its a month im going to beat the hell out out of everyobe that has a xbox and the makers of call of duty for putting FUCKING ps3 a month later FUCK THIS


  • Jackmehoff

    LOL youi are all a bunch of crybabys about waiting for 2 hours hahahah i have to wait for a month.


    you are all IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!

  • dionon

    its crap that 360 users get the maps first, you would think that the superior gaming system
    aka ps3 would get them. oh wait microsoft throws there money around to get what they want!!!!

  • terrance ford

    anyone know when it being release for ps3

    • Cissa

      14 to Infinity days

  • Papa Georgeio

    I gotta wait till Thursday afternoon to get it, no money till payday 🙁

  • Realist

    Does nobody here have a job to go to?

  • willie.j

    ps3 1st march

  • biggieballs74

    my big toe hurts 🙁

  • javion

    yall all are cry babies geez dont stay up than….not like its not going to be there when you wake up…..?

  • ryan

    I got it this morning before i went too school, cant wait too get home..

  • liam hh

    when do they come out for ps3?

  • Todd James

    Sad Americans tricky? Don't forget where that game was made… in America

  • Andy

    I'm just downloading now, hopes it worth it!

  • Dave

    8:30 EST and it is not here! WTF! Where is it !

  • tricky

    just glad im in britain 10am it came out so no staying up for it like you sad americans lol

  • ninja slayer

    Waiting im in nc and it dont come out until feb 1 at around 9 pm usually

  • Timmy

    Still not available in the marketplace right now! Did they pull it to make changes again??? WTF yo?!?

  • Ryan

    Look at all you newbs, Go out and get a girl frind you dirty smelly yellow teethed mugs.

    • jerry

      hey buddy why don't you go make good use of your time and go find one yourself.. quere

  • bobby

    Still No Maps In Uk 🙁

  • Angry customer


  • 11.7 am and still not here,hubby has ants in his pants waiting for it

  • Masha

    Its on DL bout time!

  • kevdadude91

    Y is the map pack 1200ms points when xbox live said it will be 800 ms points and now I only have 1040 ms points and I stayed up all night to downloads it………this fukin sukzzzzzz

  • Paul

    602 eastern time just got it!!!! downloading now!!!

  • joobman420

    the guys at webrats have it. im halfway on the download!!!! bring it

  • blackopsdude ^_^

    LMFAO OMG….i see it in the game marketplace… first it says it cost 1200 mp….then when you click buy…it says it cost -1 mp….then when you confirm it says you dont have enough and it costs 4294264632 mp….????

  • k why jelly

    they are up now so stop crying

  • endofdays

    There on .

  • Amishcarbomb

    First strike available now 5:46 EST

  • semichilled

    its up!!!!!!!!

  • blake


  • jimbo

    downloading now

  • WTF

    i have a glitch where i cannot download it cuz it says i need like 2billion microsoft points

  • Luke

    It’s out in the uk woop woop!!!

  • rhidzla

    10.37 am in the uk now and still nothing…. thats 2.37 am PST… TREYARCH YOU USLELESS SOULS!!

  • Jared


  • vanessa

    my boyfriend finally got his mappack!!!

  • Kyle

    is anyone else getting the map pack price as -1 MP??? It says its 1200 MP when i select it. then when the guide comes up to purchase it it says -1 MP???

  • 5:34am and all I get is a map pack that says 1200, but when I go to purchase says its like 5648390 xbox points….. :/

  • HALO has dedicated SERVERS

    You can download now

  • blake

    still no maps 🙁 its 10.30gmt london and they were due to be released at 10.00gmt london

  • corey

    It’s 3:30 in albuqeuqrue nm. No map pack yet

    • corey

      Feb 1st 330 am albuquerqur nm usa … no map pack yet.

  • Robare Spot Lite Dunbar

    Ok it is now 5 30 am est soooo whats up?

  • Faxmebaby

    Where is everyone. I’m playing the new Maps by myself.

  • marc

    its on in the uk, on, not on dashboard

  • Bob Dylan

    its out now speds

  • kevin

    still not got the map pack checked at 10.25am andstill not there what the hell are they playing at we should have for half price now for all the bother they have caused .!!

  • Ben

    It's 9:25 pm here in Aus on february 1st!

  • HALO has dedicated SERVERS

    Dedicated servers equals even playing field…..3bar vs 4bar not COOL