Sky Reshuffle EPG: Update to benefit HD viewers

As from tomorrow, February 1st, Sky TV will have rearranged their EPG (electronic program guide) affecting a number of channels. This is due to the increasing demand from viewers for HD (High Definition) viewing to become as standard. Sky has confirmed that 40 channels in SD (standard definition) will be moved and the HD channels will take their place.

The update is the most significant for over 10 years and means subscribers to HD can now find their favorite channels without having to scroll through SD channels first. The change also comes with a brand new channel; Sky Atlantic also available in HD. This channel will be mainly dedicated to shows that you’d expect to see from HBO including Mad Men. For more about Sky Atlantic you can read the Sky press release here.

Amongst the channels that are to be moved are; Sky News HD which will change from channel 517 to 501 and Sky Movies Premiere HD moving from channel 313 to 301. However not every HD channel has taken part in the swap. For the full list of channel swaps visit

Sky’s Commercial Director, Rob Webster said “We want our customers to be able to discover and enjoy the content they are most passionate about”. And this is what the users want thanks to high definition channels more in demand, and wanted as the standard. By moving the EPG numbers around, users should find what they want easier.

What do you think to the changes Sky are making? Do you agree that HD viewing should become standard?


  • Reg

    It's just a ploy to get more people to take up HD. The majority of Sky customers have SD and they are now going to find it harder to navigate the EPG. Way to go SKY – degrade your service for the majority in favour of the richer minority…….

    • Simon

      HD customers have their own EPG. Will the update affect those with SD boxes/guides as well? Yet to see what it all looks like. It might be worth noting that as HD customers pay a premium, they're entitled to their programmes at the top of the list!


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