Crysis 2: PS3 Demo and Gameplay Questions

By Chris Cook - Jan 31, 2011

Crysis 2, sequel to the 2007 game Crysis, is the new highly anticipated first-person shooter. It is due to be released March 2011, and with it now being a little more than a month away, gamers are asking why we have still not seen a lot of footage yet. In particular why there is a lack of footage on the PS3.

We have previously brought you news of the Xbox 360 getting a multiplayer demo soon as well as the PC gamers, but nothing so far for PS3 owners. What could this mean? A question many of you may be asking. It’s also what Nextgenblog asks.

You may be thinking it’s because the PS3 version may be slightly worse than that of the PC or Xbox 360, but Nextgenblog think differently. They have found an image which seemingly compares the 3 versions of the game with the pS3 version proving to have the best lighting. Read their full article here where they also explain that Crytek, creators of Crysis 2, have admitted to getting ‘more performance from the PS3 compared to 360.’

What do you think the lack of footage means? Will you be getting Crysis 2? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • darren williams

    been playing game for few days and it has crashed on me?????????????,ps3 version?

  • Muffjunkey

    Ok i've waited until i've played all 3 demo's until i've commented and now I can. First of all a list of which one runs the best. 1. Xbox 360 (on second release in March) 2.PS3 3.PC. Basically the PC and PS3 versions are almost identical to the Jan release of the 360 demo, which was horribly broken, the graphics were jagged and the matchmaking was useless. The second release of the Demo on the 360 was a vast improvement, the matchmaking is now quicker normally within 15 seconds, the graphics are no longer as jagged and the connection problems have been resolved. The PS3 version suffers from all of the problems of the first 360 release. Remember its just a demo and not the finished product!!

  • Kelvingold

    In the demo you can make your nova pistol shoot in burst

  • zame

    its just microsoft paying them, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER MULTIPLATFORM GAME,

  • Loki

    There should a PS3 DEMO!

  • NiNjAassasin545

    they make the game on xbox because xbox uses computer based codes, so they just want to release the demo SUPER fast and put no work into it. and they are to lazy and cheap to convert the codes to ps3 so we cant get it (yet). and they dont have it out for pc becouse they would have to convert the controls and they are still to lazy and cheap for that. =(

  • Chuck

    Oh come on w all know that Online line is were it's at on the 360. Everything else is second class. I think they just want to make sure that when it releases that the version that will get the most sales has a solid multiplayer experience.

    • douchey

      …and because paying for something you already bought is hella AWESOME.

    • dbaggery

      …and because paying for something you already bought is hella AWESOME.

    • blargh

      The only good online is PC online. Dedicated servers are the only way anything should be done.

    • this guy

      no its just the fact you have to pay to be on XBL so of course its going to that, cuz Microsoft is scared to lose money so they get the demos first so you have to get xbl

  • Lior

    I think that Microsoft were worried about the differences between the 360 and ps3 as more people would buy the ps3 version so they paid crytek to not show Any ps3 footage or not to put out any demos or betas but who cares killzone 3 is out soon

  • aberkae

    If you want a ps3 demo all u got to do is just say how much killzone is the best looking game on the PS3 along with uncharted. Then crytek will be like wait what’s this they aren’t excited about crysis 2 and then release the demo lol. Apparently It worked for us pc gamers.