CoD Black Ops Xbox 360: Double XP Weekend Date Confirmed

By Jamie Pert - Jan 31, 2011

Usually when downloadable-content arrives for Call of Duty videos game a double XP weekend is launched shortly after, Black Ops is no exception and we can now confirm that following tomorrow’s launch of the First Strike DLC for the Xbox 360 there will be a double XP weekend this weekend.

The Xbox 360 double XP weekend will start on Friday February 4th and end on Sunday February 6th, there is no confirmation of a PS3 double XP weekend, therefore it may well come after the First Strike DLC hits the PlayStation 3 in early March.

At the moment there has been no confirmation as to what time this double XP weekend will kick off, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we hear more, one thing is for sure this will almost certainly drive up First Strike DLC sales this weekend.

I have not played Black Ops for a few weeks now as I have got a little bored with it, however I must say I will almost certainly be making the most of the double XP weekend, inevitably my friends will get the map pack, so I will probably follow suit and spend 1200 Microsoft points on it, will you?

With the double XP weekend probably kicking off early Friday morning (we presume) and ending at midnight Sunday it gives gamers roughly 60 hours of time to reap the benefits of double XP, the question is: How much time will you play Black Ops for this weekend?

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  • bullfury19

    They both have good and bad things about them. The online gaming experience Xbox offers is unmatched. You get what you pay for!! I have the 250 gig slim. Silent, fast and great.

    • mavrick


  • tom_doane@

    xbox is terrible though…

    • mavrick

      it realy is horrible isn't it.

  • Becca

    I love how all the cheap people on PS3 have to wait for a month for these new maps, which are awesome by the way. Stop using your Mommas internet and pay for it all yourself!

    • mavrick

      i remember my first beer. we may have to wait but you have to play with all the hiccpus and bugs.

  • Smc


    • Mavrick aka fagface

      well that seems rater harsh but i will admit it you have a remarkable sense of wit.

      Great reply i am giving it a thumbs up just for you Smcbaby.


    Looking forward to mach for first strike map pack on ps3.