Sony PSP 2 Battery Life: You Cannot Have it All

By Jamie Pert - Jan 28, 2011

If you have been keeping up-to-date with all of the Sony PSP 2 rumors, you may have heard that it will be as powerful as the Sony PlayStation 3, obviously this will get gamers extremely excited, however if you think about the power implications this will bring, you might change your opinion.

Today’s current handheld consoles offer quite a few hours of battery life from a single charge, according CrunchGear the PSP Go gives you roughly 3 to 6 hours of battery life for gameplay and according to WhatConsole you can get roughly 5-19 hours of battery life from the Nintendo DSi (depending on luminosity), therefore gamers will want at least 3 hours of battery life from the Next-Generation PlayStation (NGP).

The hardware within the PlayStation 3 is far more advanced than what we have ever seen in a handheld console before, in fact the only thing we can liken it to is a gaming laptop, if you think about the size and weight of the batteries which power gaming laptops you will realize that this will not be anywhere near small enough to fit in the form-factor we are using to seeing in Sony’s previous PlayStation Portables, also let’s not forget that the battery has to power the PSP 2’s display, which adds even more power consumption to the device.

If the PSP 2 is capable of PS3 visuals it will mean one of two things, either the battery life will be poor, or Sony will have to utilize more advanced battery technologies, if they do this it will undoubtedly add a significant amount to the PSP 2’s price.

Nintendo has stated that the 3DS will offer 3-5 hours of battery life and its visuals are nowhere near as impressive as the PS3, which means that it will be a miracle if Sony could give the PSP 2 1-3 hours of battery life, but will this be enough for people’s needs?

Obviously a lot of people play the handheld consoles at home, therefore they are never far from a power source, however a lot of people also play their handhelds on-the-go, if the PSP 2 is only capable of 1-3 hours of battery life this will be cutting things extremely fine with people’s travels to and from work etc, let’s not forget that batteries deteriorate over time, therefore it could well mean that a single charge will not give the PSP 2 enough juice for a gamer to play the handheld to and from there workplace, is this acceptable?

We would love to hear your opinions on this matter, therefore feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. What is more important high-end graphics or decent battery life?

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  • james braselton

    hi there i am inventing a star ship anti- mattery for 90 billion light years maxed out for both nintendo 3ds and psp 2 i am inveting a futuer batter for futuer consoles

  • If sonny capable to extend the battery life until 3-4 hours, I think it is fair.
    most peoples will gladly giving up 1 hour battery life for ps3 graphic…
    in my case, I often travel bringing my psp charger along with my notebook.

  • Jesse

    Basically, haters are gonna hate.

    People are whining about the battery are just trying to find things to complain about. Sony could say the PSP2 will make you a successful man & find you a supermodel wife but people will STILL complain about it.

    Please, Sony is putting out a good product, deal with it.

  • Alec

    Disagree. The case fo this thing is HUGE. I'm betting a large portion of the internal space would be dedicated to cells. Keep in mind that not only will the OLED screen dramatically reduce power consumption, the screen is super thin, making more room for the internal components. I don't think Sony are silly, they will provide adequate battery.