Sony NGP Vs Nintendo 3DS: PSP2 Wins Battery Life Battle?

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2011

We’ve talked about how Sony failed to go into detail about the exact quality of the two cameras featured on the new NGP handheld system, but another important aspect which Sony didn’t talk about is the battery life on the device.

Lucky for you, we have now been informed about what the device will be able to churn out, and according to this report from Eurogamer, the Next Generation Portable will be able to manage around 4-5 hours of gaming time.

It’s nothing amazing, considering the original PSP1 could handle a good five to seven hours of gameplay with no problems, but it’s still somewhat better than the rumored three to five hours that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld can manage.

Until we have some benchmark hands-on comparisons of both devices to show you, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions that Sony has already got the nod over Nintendo in terms of battery life.

If you have seen some of the videos from Sony’s NGP event in Japan yesterday, you”ll know that the graphics quality is considerably better than current PSP titles, and in some cases, not too far off what the PlayStation 3 can handle – which is saying something. With this in mind, we feel 4-5 hours of battery life is pretty decent.

Let us know your thoughts on the battery life of both devices. Will it be an important factor in your decision to buy one, or are you going to buy a 3DS or NGP regardless of battery life specs?

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  • james braselton

    hi there wait a miniute why complain if 3ds has 2 core 266 mhz cpu thats 532 mhz and 400 mhz gpu thats 932 mhz at 3d for 3-5 hours i geting about 6 hours 3d full volume and psp go has 1 core 333 mhz cpu for 4-6 hours and psp vita has 50% faster cpu then a ps3 its a potable ps3 4 cores quad core about 2 ghz soo thats like 8 ghz the gpu is quad core 2 ghz also soo thats like 16 ghz soo a 16 ghz portable gaming for 4-6 hours is well amazing merical device a pocket size ps3

  • michael jackson

    NGP owns in every way except for :
    3d(well, cant have everything)
    Game library(NGP games are contimousy being made and NGP still has certain good games)
    Price (this will save up because ngp's cards can hold more games, making games cheaper)
    To some degree, battery life(but whats the point of 3ds without 3d? 3d is the real MAIN advantage)

  • james braselton

    hi there web sites saying 1 to 3 hours max but your saying 4 too 5 hours just like my psp go soo i am getting both nintendo 3ds and psp 2 and yes i will buy a ton of extra recharable batteries too keep charged up

  • hello

    I am buying a Nintendo 3DS on March 27, 2011!

  • xero14

    @Brandon why would you play 3ds without 3d that why you buy the thing otherwise just get the ds for battery its cheaper too

  • Brandon

    3-5 hours for the 3DS means maximum brightness and 3D enabled. If you play standard DS games, it'll be around 8 hours, and that number should be similar if you play 3DS games with 3D turned off.

    Also, Nintendo has had a history of understating their handhelds' battery life.

    • Nevil

      Yeah buttry is not big problem ,it can solve by on or tow mor battry.

      just care on tecnology and quality.

  • Holding out for NGP and the longer battery life.

  • Did the battery of the DS Lite improve when compared to the original DS? Or for the DSi from the Lite?

    I guess I wouldn't mind one more reason to hold off on buying this thing.