Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Expectations before Release

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2011

As most of you will probably be aware, Sony decided not to give any indications about a potential price point for their just announced Next Generation Portable, or NGP as they are calling it for the moment.

But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying around the internet as to Sony’s likely price for the system. We wrote an article recently informing you that the PSP2 may come in at $299 at the least, and after seeing what Sony brought to the table – we are sticking by those claims.

You can pick up a 160GB PS3 console from Amazon now for $299, but don’t be surprised if the NGP ends up being higher than it’s console counterpart. If we were to take a guess as to the final price of the handheld, we’re going to place it between $299 and $399, as Sony has already confirmed that it will be ‘affordable’.

With that in mind, you definitely don’t want to believe GameStop’s predictions for the device, as a listing put on their website (now removed) put the NGP at a staggering $999.99 – which is obviously (we hope!) an error in their judgement.

After seeing the event in Japan yesterday, we imagine a lot of you are going to want this thing, as the device is looking very impressive indeed, with key specs including a gorgeous looking 5-inch OLED display with a Quad Core Cortex-A9 CPU and a SGX543MP4+ GPU handling the work inside.

How much are you willing to pay for it though? We’ve said $299-399 is realistic – do you agree with that price estimate, or do you think it will be even higher than that?

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  • pspgamer

    I think sony goes with the affordable amount of $199.99. Simply because the good people at sony know the value of software over hardware. You can sacrifice the price of hardware for the sales in software if that makes sense. Basically they make more money for game software like add ons and map packs than they do for the actual system.and plus when the ps3 hit stores months after the 360 and wii it was priced higher than them both combined. Sony has learned from personal experience and I think the price will be right.

  • gamer

    I think PSP2 will BE No more than 50$ expensive than 3DS

  • bloodyspartan19

    I don't think the PSP2 will be priced over 300 because I'm pretty sure sony learned with the PS3 that you have to price your system to be competitive

  • swag

    a think is gonna be 300 to 350 if it aint is gonna fail to sell because most people will probobly buy the 3DS from nitendo.

  • Sony

    better not be more than the ps3 price would be retarded

  • Brianoob

    I'm thinking 300 because the 3ds is 250 and nintendo is a rip off so facter that in and I would not be surprised to see ngp (psp2) at 250. enyone agree

  • jpj

    actually hoping that it's lower!

  • Jon-Paul

    I would never pay 300-400 dollars on a portable. I would pay 100-200 though.

  • If tge want to grab the market 199.99 will empty the shelves. Take the loss on hardware and watch the return through software and apps. The more it costs the less they’ll make in the long run. They need immediate market share to show this is not a repeat of the PSP.

    • Parker A

      Yeah I agree. though, if they made it $199.99, this would put PSP 3000, 3001 or PSP Slim bundles almost out of production. My guess on the cost is between $249.99 and $349.99 . All though the price would be similar to or more than the price of a 160 G PS3, people would buy this because it's new more over the fact that it's portable. Truth be told, I'm really excited about it and want to get my hands on it the minute it comes out. But consider this. When the PS3 first came out, the GB spaces were 20 GB and 60 GB. They were $499.99 and $599.99. Now, you can get up to a 320 GB for less than $500.00. Think about this, though I really want to get it when it first comes out, I'm gonna wait because, the GBs will go up as the prices go down.

  • ame