PS3 Update 3.56 Problems: COD Black Ops Bans for Cheating?

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2011

Following on from this week’s PS3 firmware update to 3.56, we are hearing numerous reports that some Call of Duty players have been affected as a result of Sony’s system update – but not in a good way.

As reported from Ripten, it looks like Sony and Activision are definitely not messing around any more after recent security loop holes opened up the console, more specifically, left it open for hackers to exploit – using COD Black Ops as their primary target.

It’s clear that Sony had to step in sooner or later, as the hackers had managed to alter leaderboard scores and use glitches within the game to give themselves an advantage over legit players. Sony was very brief in their PS3 3.56 notes, but it looks like they had one eye on Call of Duty as well as the recent attempts to install custom firmware on the system.

Some gamers have been greeted with the following message from Activision upon logging into the Black Ops multiplayer servers:

The big debate which is going on here though, is whether Sony is banning innocent gamers by accident, or if they have proof that users have been cheating in the game which has resulted in the permanent ban. This wasn’t occuring before the PS3 3.56 update, so the bans are definitely tied in with Sony’s new security measures.

If you have been banned from the game recently, let us know your thoughts on this. Have you messaged Sony to argue your case, or do you know that you’ve been caught red handed?

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  • JJthejetplanesdaddy

    @JJthejetplane you sir are a Shit-eater

  • MattK

    Now, if they can only do something about the lag switches. Make it hard on cheaters, and hit them where it hurts; the wallet. Permanently ban the hardware from all on-line gaming in PS3 if they are caught cheating.

  • Jonah

    I don't hack at all or anything, but i removed the patch on mw2 to play private matches with my bud at my house with guns that had been nerfed and secret areas that were patched, and I'm kinda worried that I'll get banned if I go back on mw2 cuz i didn't have the most recent patch and they might think I was cheating. Will this happen and should I just avoid mw2 from now on?

  • They need to make an new update for Black opps cause I've found that now it won't give me TROPHIES for certain parts of the game(IE beating in on Harddend,Making it through the ship with a min. 30 to spare) not that it's bad but it is annoying. espically when you work hard to get a specific trophy and you don't get it. They DEF. Need a new one ASAP

    • Jonah

      hey dude were u on veteran difficulty on the ship mission? u gotta be. and maybe u missed a level on hardened, happened to me by accident. good luck with those trophies!

  • KlatuBerataNicto

    Has anyone else noticed downloads are much slower since the update? Mine are at a snails pace. It took almost 45 minutes to download a 115MB update for Uncharted 2! Online multiplayer was fine, no lag at all. Just downloading…it was like watching paint dry!

  • Honestly

    So no one has ever used a cheat code or anything that made the game easy. I;. one that will crush a gmae then go back and use the cheat codes to see what other aspects of the game there is.. is it really cheating or hacking. I mean I dislike the hacking but lets be honest. We has not done it…

    • KlatuBerataNicto

      No. I have never used a cheat that disadvantaged other players. That is lame. I had a Game Genie once upon a time (NES), but thats hardly a comparison to cheating against other people.

  • doylerevo

    so slow 2 download grrrrrrr

  • JJthejetplane

    LOL go buy an xbox scrubs

  • will

    after 3.56 can't play bad company 2 online, nothing but official stuff on my ps3

  • wazzer

    mw2 , cod black ops still hacked , update BIG FAIL

  • fallenhero

    tried to do system update 3.56, but gives me error code 80710723, my connection speed is quite slow. Will faster connection speed resolve my problem.-

    • young_nils

      you should try to do it at midnight w/o using something else with internet connection I dont live in USA so my connection its not that fast and sometimes its gives me error

  • jordan

    firmware update 3.56 wont fully download onto my ps3 the tech support online told me it needs to be sent in for a dianostic or repair estimate costs are 150$$$ meanwhile i didnt do anything wrong and i cannot play online! ( my ps3 worked fine previouse to the update) why doesnt sony get its head out of its @$$

  • psn shakyjake

    That’s life folks!

    The port ickle noobs who just dont want to play properly get hemmed make it a fairer place for those who want to pit their skills against fellow cod’ers without waiting their time with such eejots.

    Banning them is tough yes but such strong action is required to send home the strong point that you simply cannot get away with cheating!

    I have no sympathy on this one because this ruins online galling for me

  • Rhinehart

    ps3 is it secure? No it's a joke.
    Got bored of black ops so dusted off modern warfare 2……….
    As soon as i got online i instantly got hacked.
    Whoever it was gave me access to all extras,upgrades etc, without me asking.

    I don't want this cheat, i was doing fine just blasting away!
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    • crum

      yep me too

    • Jaun

      This happened to me to. I’m glad someone in this world still has dignity and doesn’t just want to cheat for everything. I mean seriously, what do people get out of it? Cheating to for pathetic people that either have nothing better to do with their time than to ruin the fun for everyone else, or people who are so bad at the game that its the only way they can get a kill!

      • KlatuBerataNicto

        Amen brother. You're preaching to the choir.

        • Tony

          I got a big red caption in my screen that said WELCOME TO VIP MODE *USERNAME* and got boosted to level 70. I just wanted to play the game not get thrown around by other players mods and hacks.

    • James Milligan

      This happened to me – but worse! He reset most of my profile, so all my guns etc were reset, plus emblems/titles etc.

      I was level 70 prestige 1, so I've managed to cut my losses and just start from prestige 2 – if I need to redo the challenges may as well do it whilst getting some xp!

      Don't know why people insist on cheating. Yes, it's fun in private matches perhaps, but not in standard servers.

  • jay

    lol serves the dipsticks who hack now stop crying and go play your ps2 waaa waaa waaa