Nokia Android Phone For 2011: Competitiveness Problem

By Gary Johnson - Jan 28, 2011

Nokia have been having a tough time of it lately with more and more people choosing alternatives from other manufacturers. It may not just down to the handsets the company offers now days, but the OS it is running.

Electric Pig is reporting that Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, has dropped a hint that Nokia handsets could use another OS. He said “We have a fundamental competitiveness problem overall.” He wants Nokia to work faster to improve its products, and said it is not just down to hardware but “a war of eco-systems”.

That’s when he hinted that Nokia may join a competitive “eco-system”, which could possibly mean Android, as many other phone manufacturers have already taken to it. The Huffington Post are reporting in an article that Nokia’s earnings dropped a massive 21 percent in Q4, with the company giving a bleak outlook with flat or little growth in sales.

Nokia has lost out to the likes of Apple and RIM in the smartphone market, but Nokia have said it will reveal its new strategy in London next month. Would you like to see a Nokia device running Android?

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  • Kilogram28

    based on our survey here in the Philippines, most people choose LG & Samsung mobile phones because of its cheaper price but high specs like android phones. Nokia must put their level the same with these manufacturers or else they might come to an end.

  • bgida

    android will be good

  • rajneesh

    nokia will come to end if there is no andriod phones from nokia ,because mego is gone and then nokia will be limited to cheap handsets(for lower class )

  • Arun.M

    plz release NOKIA phones with android os as sooooooon as possible… v r waiting……….

    • robert w

      i believe nokia is one of the best phones on the market with android nokia might be on stoppable nokia really has some good features mybe reviewing it might not be a bad idea.

  • baska

    Leave andoid, Nokia will come with Windows 7 mobile OS, the best so far.

  • Jai

    Now a days Nokia phone are getting problems like hanging, restarting itself. For better performance you should choose LG or Samsung. Leave using Nokia.

    Warm Regards,
    Master of Technology
    (Computer Science)

  • aneesh

    hay….pls introduce a android phone or u will get down……

  • 'Will lose their users'. Well Users don't bring in any money for Nokia. My N70 is 5 years old now, and it did cost more than twice what a Samsung Galaxy 5 running Android does today…

    I am definitely not a Nokia Customer – it was the best phone for the money at that time. Now, they have nothing to offer me in my opinion. Applications I managed to install to make my N70 unique – well I managed to install equivalents on the Samsung for free within 5 minutes (call recorder, three great games) but then the list goes on…

    What is most important is that Apple isn't able to restrict by dominating (as with 'listen with iTunes' links – I don't and will never use iTunes. It sucks. I want to see 'FEED' – cos that works with iTunes too!)

    Android is a saviour but it's an evil saviour – we must also take care not to let it dominate. I'd suggest Samsung are ahead – using Android, and sidelining with Wave operating system. Will Microsoft allow Nokia that privilege?

  • Syed Shariq Hasan

    Nokia should think to provide more facilities like Android OS they should switched their OS from Symbian^ to Android with all apps otherwise nokia will loose thier users and now its a 4G time and Symbian^ is going unpopular in nokia users

  • Mlhazan

    Nokia should think forward with Android.There was a time when Microsoft make windows available to everyone and made it user friendly ,now what we see is over 90% around the world use windows.This is going to happen with android too.

    • More than 90% use other operating systems. Windows is only dominant on desktops through unfair marketing techniques. They managed to stamp out a great deal of innovation and user friendliness by pushing it's great behemoth (can you believe, they still use 'the registry' as the centre of their operating system?) onto the world. Now we're seeing some super easy eyecandy that people don't fear – clearly they don't want a silly 'start' button any more.

      Nokia should think about Android and develop some Nokia specific apps to run on Android too – if they come up with a superior mapping application for example and get people to pay just a few bucks for the privilege…

  • Uday

    it will be super cool…