Wait For Windows Phone 7 on Verizon: Sick Yet?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 27, 2011

Back in November we discovered that Verizon were desperate to get the Windows Phone 7, but were waiting on Microsoft to have the handsets ready. We were told that the new handsets should be released way into 2011, and reports from The Seattle Times seemed to confirm this.

During Steve Ballmer’s keynote during CES 2011, he informed us that Windows Phone 7 would be available not only on Verizon but also Sprint on June 30, which is still 5 months away. It is for this reason why some of you who were waiting for the new handsets to hit Big Red might be sick of the wait.

We are not certain why the long wait, but the recent news that Verizon are to sell the iPhone on February 10th could persuade those waiting on Windows Phone 7 to consider the Apple alternative. This handset has been in the waiting since the iPhone was first launched in 2007, the customers waited this long – will they do the same for Microsoft? However, you have to remember that Windows Phone 7 is just a mobile OS, whereas the iPhone is the complete package.

Sascha Segan from PCMag learned that 2 million Windows phones have been shipped, and as we know does not mean that Microsoft have sold that many. All that means is how many have been shipped to warehouses. Segan does point out that the Windows Phone 7 could be a long-term phone; so low early sales might not matter too much. We saw that with the Sony PS3 – now look at it?

Are you sick of waiting for Windows Phone 7 to come to Verizon?

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  • Joshua

    I just switched from the AT&T iPhone to Sprint's HTC Arrive and I could not be happier. WP7 (in my opinion) destroys the iPhone in total functionality. It is lacking in a few areas, no unified e-mail system, the most terribly designed on/off button I have ever seen on a phone. Overall I am glad I waited for it, I have been waiting for this particular model to go to Sprint since it was announced last September or October.

    But even with those nuisances I am enjoying my WP7 experience much more than my iOS experience.

    If I were you guys who are holding out I would switch to Sprint for the HTC Arrive or T-mobile for the HD-7, those seem to be the two best models.

  • longislandsurfer

    Verizon sucks. I am going to T-Mobile today. $99 for the HD-7 and $99. per month for 2 years, unlimited web, texting and phone.

  • resignedtowait

    I heard it's coming out in a few days, but I haven't seen anything official.

  • Tbag

    Hurry up already. There's no way I'm waiting until June… I've had this XV thing for over 2 years, waiting not so patiently for my WP7. I've been with VZW for years now as are mom, Dad, husband, sister, but I'm so out if they don't get it together and give me a date… everyone else has it.

  • Andrew

    im gonna blackmail verizon if it doesn't come by june.
    anyone that thinks verizon is idiotic and this is not MS's fault, go to verizon.com and click the contact us button.

  • dcb

    Verizon always takes longer to get a phone out the door; but it is this extensive process that involves a lot of testing that keeps us happy with the reception quality. That said, please just give us a commitment and a date, thats all I ask.

  • Company Man

    Hang on my fellow Microsofties..hang on!

  • Ron

    I think Windows Phone 7 will do very well since it seems to be the perfect mix between Apple's closed culture and Android's anything-goes mentality. They seem to have found a middle road that people will appreciate given some additional time. Sure, it's a pain that they didn't get CDMA functionality in there right away, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Besides, the first major update to WP7 will be coming out right about then, including multitasking and other updated features. 4G phones may also be available around that time…

  • So, WP7 won't be coming to Verizon for another 4 months? Unfortunately, I can't get my upgrade until next May. I wish I could get the Windows Phone 7 when it is released, though!

  • eric jmail

    W7 Phone, the d@mn thing is yet another stupid toy!
    I want access to corporate data in a fast efficient SECURE way.
    I want my phone to ring every darn time someone dials my number!
    I want my phone to put me first and NEVER interrupt what I'm doing to spin, buzz, shake, beep or bloop. When I'm dialing a number the phone should do only that – period.
    A decent camera is an empowering business tool – leave that there
    While I'm on about this:
    I could care less about watching movies and tv on the 4" screen. or listening to music on earbuds. Games? Get to work! Nor do I want billions of idiotic ringtones and themes,
    Nor do i want anything to do with 99.9999% of all the apps that i've ever seen or heard of. Text? Schmext! I've had texting disabled since the day that verizon sent me a spam text and charged me $0.25 to open it up.

  • eric jmail

    Everyone wants to tell vz to "take a flying leap"! But to which? All the carriers are equally bad. All you are ever going to get from any of those vendors greed. VZ should DROP CDMA and DEPLOY A TRULY WORLD CLASS network infrastructure but the chances of that are worse than bad – they chose BETA over VHS But they have no monopoly on corporate intransigence and intellectual laziness.
    All we can do is hop from one stinking garbage heap of corporate indifference to the next – it will always stink no matter which heap you land.

  • crewsngt

    After almost 12 years with verizon, i also am considering switching carriers. these days wireless to wireless are almost always free of charges no matter which carrier your family and friend are on. the only reason you stay loyal these days are for price, product, and customer service. These days Verizon is lacking in all of before mentioned areas. As my contract draws to an end i tell Verizon to take a flying leep unless they make some quick changes.

  • abb

    I just want for Verizon to get of the high horse and start shipping products people are wanting. They can say its not popular but without the ability to actually get a device for the verizon network it will never be popular on verizon network. I want a good network and I want some choice of handsets – but I also want a phone I can develop apps for. Windows Phone 7 leverages the millions of .NET developers. Its a piss poor show for Verizon to not even support this OS.

  • jhorn

    My Verizon contract is up in mid-March and I was (am) hoping for a WP7 phone by then, but if not then I am open to switching to T-Mobile or AT&T. WP7 phones don't seem to have the same signal issues on AT&T's network as the iPhone does, and frankly both AT&T and T-Mobile have more competitive price plans anyway. I think jimh is right- the delay is most likely due to VZN crippling it with bloatware.

  • waldo

    I am considering switching to t-mobile just because of this.

  • jimh

    Verizon has always been a problem with Microsoft phones. I've been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and now I'm stuck with them because of family plans and contracts.Their customer service is pretty good and their coverage is better than AT&T or Sprint. Their willingness to adopt new standards or new devices is at the bottom of the heap. I have had windows mobile phones since they started carying them, and Verizon has butchered, bloated and crippled every single one of them to try and force their add on services. Take a look on PPCGeek or XDA-developers and read about all the things you need to do to clean out their crap. How many had to suffer with devices that had location services disabled for years so that Verizon could charge extra for their GPS application?
    The reason we have to wait is because
    1) Verizon is insisting on crippling the WP7 phones, and will take extra time to to test and approve the devices, not because Microsoft needs that much time to get the devices to work
    2) as mentioned Verizon is launching their iphones tomorrow- they are heavily invested in it and wouldn't jeapordize the return by introducing a competing platform.
    3) because their CEO would have to eat crow if WP7 is actually sucessful.

    • bperry93

      couldn't have said it better myself. i switched to T-Mobile for an HD7. Haven't looked back since. My dad works for T-Mobile so I get a great deal on the service (and an unlimited data plan). And since I'm not really on contract (had to buy the phone without a contract), I'm not stuck with T-Mobile if I decide that I really want a different Windows Phone. Hopefully Verizon adopts better hardware for WP7 than the HTC Trophy (which is the only known Verizon Windows Phone atm). I wouldn't mind Motorola making an extremely high-end WP7 device with a front-facing camera, 1GHz processor, 8mp camera, dual LED flash, TFT display, and 1540mAh battery. Essentially a DROID X with WP7 =)

  • abe froman

    I'm an MS fan by far, but I can't blame them. Verizon are too much in RIM, Google, Apple back pockets. Verizon CEO and board members don't like MS too. MS went for a neutral cell carrier to introduce their phone and they also contracted with cell phone makers that make a universal phone platform…GSM. CDMA carriers like verizon were harder to contract with. Also, you have to realize all the phones designed are made overseas….which all their cell carriers run on GSM so it doesn't take alot of brainpower to figure out why they dont have CDMA phones. The eastern countries don't even know what CDMA is.

  • NickB

    I heard the iPhone 4 won't be great on Verizon and to wait so I had hopes for Windows 7 phone but now I think Palm's new phones might show up first….

  • SideWinder 24×7

    I am still trying to decipher the whole "iPhone is the whole package"… what's in that package? The hardware of teh iPhone doesn't even stand up to most Droid phones… so it's hardware is largely irrelivant… the software is what matters… If Droid and Windows 7 Phones cultivate a more open app ecosystem than the iPhone, then there really isn't anything specific the iPhone has over these other phones…

  • Berribrand

    Yes, I am sick of waiting. It seems like Verizon customers have to wait to get phones they want. I have decided that if I don't hear any solid news by Verizon/MS by the end of March (when my actual contract is up), I will switch carriers and get the Dell Venue Pro (or whatever is the best WP7 phone at the time). I don't really want to change carriers, but my need for a WP7 is greater than my loyalty to Verizon.

  • paul

    Lousy company policy and treatment of its customers – have been waiting, and waiting … why not just be forthright and GIVE A DATE OF RELEASE. I would have a lot more respect for a company that values its customers and has honest discourse regarding its products.

  • Carl

    I am waiting and will wait for my WP7 phone. My old Blackberry Curve will have to hang on for another1-5 months. We are an Apple and Google free house. If "everone" is doing it that usually makes me think twice. WP7 has potential and I'm in it for the long haul. It has exchange/office and the apps will come. Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry…

    • darkstar1756

      Ive been waiting for wp7 ever since it came out and i knew it wasnt coming for a while so i got a feature phone off contract from craigslist (I havn't had a smartphone yet) and im too loyal to microsoft/like wp7 too much (researched it and tried out at att store) so i can wait for a little bit, they better get the samsung focus or at least the samsung omnia 7 cuz those are the best wp7 handsets currently. or get something just like one of those.

  • FrankyG

    @Anyone on this thread that is considering iPhone….. DON'T DO IT! My wife and I had iPhone and switched to WP7 (Samsung Focus), and even without any updates the WP7 makes the iPhone look really ancient. I would never wish an iPhone on my worst enemy if there was such a thing as WP7! Ha! Ok, that might be a little extreme, but my wife and I still absolutely LOVE our new phones! Some of my family members are on VZW and they've been hounding me, asking when they can get WP7 on VZW. I showed them my WP7 during the holidays, and now everyone wants one.

  • Jeff

    I have been waiting patiently but I'm getting tired and have thought about an iPhone. I really want a WP7 but the wait is killing me. My option is a Driod but I'm hoping and praying that a hard date will be announced soon and I won't have to bother with a Droid or iPhone

  • Derek

    I just lost my ZuneHD and loved it.. But this gives me an excuse to buy a WP7 phone.. BUT Verizon sucks.. there always late to the party.. And wth is Microsoft thinking not releasing a WP7 phone around the same time the Iphone is releasing.. I would never go Apple but a crap load of people will. I really want WP7 to take off and Verizon is more than half of all US customers. So lets go Microsoft!

  • Thanku4playing

    Won't wait. I am getting an iPhone. If microsoft thinks making everyone wait till June is ok, then me getting an iPhone and not being able to consider a windows 7 phone for another 3 years should be ok.

    • George

      I agree. If Microsoft fails to announce a Verizon availability date by Feb 3rd, then I will get an iPhone – and so will a few million other Verizon subscribers. And Microsoft will have only itself to blame.

      That said, i will also use my "buyer's remorse" period to the fullest, should the Windows 7 phone availability on Verizon finally be announced during that time…

  • Nick B

    "However, you have to remember that Windows Phone 7 is just a mobile OS, whereas the iPhone is the complete package."

    What the heck are you talking about? Yes I'm frustrated and sick of waiting, but the iPhone is overrated.

  • Rob

    I'm been running an XV-6700!!! Give me the damn phone… NOW! Verizon needs to realize that I will change carriers (that would be 3 phones with my family plan) before I change operating systems.

    I stopped by an AT&T store yesterday… just to look.

  • Bleu

    I feel it's so long since I have been waiting for Verizon to carry a WP7 that it feels like I've been waiting ever since I've been born on this planet! Seriously, couldn't agree more with Greg Edwards, give me a good date, "sometime by June 30, 2011" is just plain ridiculous, you might as well piss on me instead of saying "sometime in the first half of 2011"

    I've been with VZW since I've had my first phone, that's almost 7 years now and all I get is, "sometime in the first half of 2011"?! :O

    Gimme a darn date VZW/MSFT!

  • Pete

    Not a problem, I'll wait. My current Windows Mobile 6.1 phone does what I want already.
    I have a calendar and contacts.

    • Doug

      Pete, I also run Win Mobile 6.1, and it's still does (almost) all that I need. My Samsung Omnia is rock solid, great size. I have complete mail access to Exchange, POP and Gmail accounts. All my Outlook contacts synch seamlessly, and I have Office apps. I also have access to 6.1 apps on Marketplace.

      What I don't have is a bright screen (very hard to read in sunlight) and access to new apps.

      My contract was up with Verizon last month. I don't want to switch to ATT (I live in SF, an ATT deadzone)… but… I need a modern, up to date smartphone.

      • Ron

        I also have an Omnia and am waiting for the Windows phone 7 at Verizon. Unfortunately, I have not had the same experience with the Omnia that you have. I am on my 5th handset, and it became pretty much unusable as of yesterday. The ringer has quit and neither Verizon or Samsung can get it fixed. The touch screen doesn't work as of 5 days ago. Now the little mouse quit working, so the only thing I can do with it is answer calls IF I see the phone light up.

    • dfswan

      I agree. My biggest concern is that after a long wait, the windows phone 7 will be a decrease in features that I have grown used to in windows CE devices since 1997, like company lookup, cut and paste, calendar view (agenda, day, week, month, and year), and of course one handed capability using up-down-left-right-enter keys. Let’s hope we at least get cut and paste as well as company lookup.

  • The Zune Lune

    IPhone is a complete package, alright…package of Kool-Aid.

    • Andrew

      and the Windows Phone is a mobile OS…
      A mobile OS of gold.

  • kal el

    Been waiting for a while but a clear date would be nice but I have confidence it should happen soon hopefully hear something at MWC that will help and I think why have a preorder for trophy if the phone would not be available soon im hopeful for feb. Or march because I need a new phone soon. And refuse to get iphone. Come on Microsoft font disapoint please give us a launch date at MWC

  • Greg Edwards

    While I am frustrated with the wait, what I'd really appreciate is for Microsoft and/or Verizon to at least map out a clear timeline with some specific launch dates. It's the "sometime during the first half on 2011" that's maddening. If it's going to be June, then clearly tell us that. What's with all the cloak and dagger secrecy? I don't believe for a second that anyone on the inside is really unclear about launch dates.

    • Ben

      I’m with you Greg. just give is an exact date instead of this cloak n dagger crap. Geez, it’s like making a cdma phone requires breaking the space time barrier through a black hole in a fricking Romulan spaceship. my goodness. Sorry for the rant but this technology was used in WWII. i would just like a date. Please. a date.

  • Becky

    Yes, Yes and yes. I am so sick of waiting for the Windows phone. My Storm has been on life support for four painful months and I decided this week that I'm giving up. My bitterness towards the Windows Phone runs DEEP.

  • Angelini

    YES!!!! Microsoft! GIve me a CDMA WP7 soon please!!! I need a new phone!

  • Guest

    I for one am sick of waiting, especially with Verizon dropping thier new-every-two. I'm due for my final upgrade in February and I want it to be a Windows phone 7 device. Not sure if I'd be willing to hold out until June for it. I hope we see some WP7 devices released along side the iphone next month from Verizon.