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Sony PSP2 NGP: New Videos

Sony finally announced the PSP2, which as Alan Ng explained this morning is codenamed the NGP, which stands for the Next Generation Portable. In that article he has offered details on the main tech specs, but there’s nothing better than watching a few videos about the new handheld gaming device.

The first video that we have for you below points out that the name of the device is uncertain yet, but what he does know is how it looks a lot like the PSP One. The guy in the video also says that this latest portable gaming device from Sony does everything what the PSP One could not – it seems that the video is all about how much better the NGP is that its predecessor.

The next video offers the first thoughts of the new PSP2, and sums it up as quickly as he can. One feature that the reviewer is happy about is how the games have gone back to a physical form factor – well I think that is what he said, as he speaks a little too fast.

The final video that we have for you goes over all of the key specs, and points certain features out by way of stills taken from the show. There is not much more we can say about this one, but felt that we needed to show you. That’s about all we have for you, but if you have any more details to add then please let our readers know below.

Do you think that Sony is onto a winner with the PSP2 (NGP)?



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