Motorola Droid X 2: Specs List – Verizon’s New 4G Phone?

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2011

If you currently own a Motorola Droid X handset, you are probably taking a keen interest in the collection of 4G smartphones that are slowly making their way onto the cell phone market. If you haven’t been persuaded to part with your precious Droid X yet, that may be set to change.

Some information over at BGR has revealed that Motorola are planning an upgrade to one of their most popular handsets to hit the Verizon network. Dubbed the Motorola Droid X2 or X 2 and codenamed ‘Daytona’, we’re hearing that this handset will pack some signifcant hardware updates that will definitely get your juices flowing.

How does a Droid X style handset with an Nvidia Dual-Core 1Ghz Tegra 2 processor sound to you? We’re also hearing of 4.3-inch display screen with a much higher screen resolution this time around.

Other specs include an 8 megapixel camera, 720p video recording, DLNA streaming, MicroSD support and HDMI-out slot. No word on whether the Droid X successor will feature a front facing video camera, but if it does, you’d expect it to be fully compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network for high speed video chats.

The only downside to the rumored list of specs so far, is the inclusion of Android 2.2 Froyo. Hopefully this gets bumped up to Gingerbread, but we wouldn’t count on it before launch.

What are your initial thoughts on an upgraded Droid X smartphone – would it be an instant buy for you or not?

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  • guest

    No, I want moooar screen. 4.5"

  • Gun

    Yeah, I bought my Droid X day after Christmas. Fortunately I was able to return the phone. 30 day trial program ($35 restocking fee). If it comes out with 4G capability I would definitely consider along with Droid Bionic, I-Phone 5. I'm stuck with my old Blackberry tour for now. LOL

  • GJQ

    Why isn't there a Droid X for the GSM market? Motorola should make one for the GSM market. We users have been waiting for one for years.

    • ddd

      switch carriers

  • Thomas

    i just got my droid x back in december and now they anounce this

    • ddd

      Should keep up an technology and you would have know to wait.

      • nightmare

        Yeah wait for the next phone and buy that one…. Except then they'll announce another better phone you idiot! You can't keep up with technology without constantly spending massive amounts of money to upgrade before you're eligible. Just buy the phone you're interested in and wait and see what awesome things are around when you can upgrade next. Jeez.