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AT&T Vs Verizon: iPhone Data Plans – Which is Better?

The dual between AT&T and Verizon heats up. In new reports it seems that AT&T is allowing those who had previously subscribed to an unlimited data plan in the past with them, can now switch back. This includes those who had an iPhone before June, when the limited plans took place.

Having been exclusive to AT&T for years, this deal comes almost as an act of desperation against the new competition, Verizon, and their uncapped deal of $30.

AT&T’s unlimited plan costs $30 per month. There are currently two limited data plans; one that provides 200MB of data for $15 per month, and another that provides 2GB of data for $25 per month. Above that limit, every GB costs $10. Engadget insists the offer remains unofficial and unannounced. This is because AT&T have no need to advertise their ‘desperation’, Find out more here.

Verizon are also offering an unlimited data plan costing $30 although, according to WSJ reports, this may only be temporary. More about Verizon’s offer can be viewed here.

Now that you have a choice, which network do you think is best for the iPhone? Will the fact that Verizon’s offer may only be temporary swing the favour toward AT&T? If you are thinking of buying an iPhone, this article might help you.



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