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White iPhone 4: Release Date Imminent? – Apple Store Down

We have become aware of a mysterious status update on Twitter, which reveals upcoming model parts for the iPhone. The thing to note here, is that these new model codes are apparently for the White iPhone 4 and surprise surprise, the Apple Store is currently down at the moment.

As reported from MacRumors, the tipoff has come from Twitter user Xavier Verhoeven, who stated in his message ‘Who wants White iPhone 4 codes?’. The codes in question are MC604X/A and MC606X/A, which relate to the 16GB and 32GB models of the White iPhone 4.

At the time of writing this, the Apple Store is still down at the moment, so something is obviously coming. It is far too early for the iPad 2 and we would usually know beforehand if Apple are planning a refresh to their Macbook Pro or iMac range.

Could we finally see the White iPhone 4 in stock and available to pre-order? – Let’s hope so. We’ll let you know what happens when the store does go back up again – stay tuned folks.



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