Nintendo 3DS UK Price Revealed by Asda

By Jamie Pert - Jan 27, 2011

When Nintendo held their press conference in Amsterdam last week I have to admit that I was annoyed that no European price was given, in fact all Nintendo said was that the price would be set by retailers, well today we can confirm that Asda will let you buy the 3DS for just £202.

If you check out Asda’s website you can see the Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS priced at just £217 each, however if you enter the following discount code (15OFF3DS) you will save £15, which means in total you have to pay just £202.

Asda also offer four different bundle options for £244.91 each, again you can use the discount code to save yourself £15, meaning you get the 3DS with either Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Nintendogs and Cats (Golden Retriever and New Friends), Rabbids 3D or Nintendogs and Cats (Golden Retriever and New Friends) for just £229.91.

All of Asda’s Nintendo 3DS games cost £29.91 each, which gives you a rough idea as to what other UK retailers will price them at, do you think that this is a fair price for a 3DS game?

MCVUK point out that other UK retailers have all asked for between £217-£219 for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld, I wonder if Asda’s lower price will start of a price war.

Head over to Asda to buy your Nintendo 3DS now, obviously you will have to wait until March 25th to play it, however I am sure that prices won’t get much cheaper than that.

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