Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 10 Released – Download Now

By Tina Chubb - Jan 26, 2011

We hadn’t really heard anything about a release date for Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser until a couple of weeks ago, when Damon Sicore – the company’s Director of Platform Engineering – revealed that Mozilla was aiming for a late February 2011 launch.

There now appears to be more evidence that the final Firefox 4 version is on its way soon, with news just coming in that Mozilla released the Firefox 4 Beta 10 on Tuesday night. As Christina Warren over at reports, this comes just 10 days after the Beta 9’s release.

Although the release notes for Firefox 4 Beta 10 are rather sparse, we do know that a few changes have been made in order to make the browser more stable. We also know that the latest Beta should bring better Flash support to Mac OS X users.

Despite the fact that Mozilla has already received over 1 million pieces of feedback throughout the Firefox 4 Beta, they are still asking users to provide even more. According to Kurt Bakke over on the website, Beta 11 is scheduled for a final build this Friday.

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  • It seems that most, if not all, of the downloads haven't mirrored, or are corrupted. I've yet to get over 1MB downloaded on either the English or EnglishGB download, and SF only has the "master" mirror listed as available.