Mass Effect 2: PS3 Game Save File Problems – Are you Affected?

By Alan Ng - Jan 26, 2011

Mass Effect 2 has only been out for a week on the PlayStation 3, but we are hearing numerous reports that there is a major problem within the game, in relation to corrupt game save files which is deleting player’s progress.

As reported from official support forums, which you can view here. The problem occurs when the game fails to recognise save files, and in some instances it will cause the game to crash, thus prompting other save files to stop working.

The good news, is that BioWare’s Jesse Houston has responded to the problem, asking affected users to state where in the game the failed game save first occured, and also how long you had been playing the game before the problems started.

Hopefully it will be addressed in a swift patch update to the game – but the main thing here, is that BioWare are aware of it. If you have experienced save game problems with the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, get in touch with us.

We’ll update you when we hear of any updates on the situation. You can keep an eye on BioWare’s official support forums, or on their Twitter account here.

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