Google: Android Market performance a disappointment

By Gary Johnson - Jan 26, 2011

Apple has recently celebrated ten billion downloads on its hugely popular App Store. Google meanwhile which has its Android Marketplace, are said to be a little disappointed with its performance so far.

According to an article over at TGDaily despite there being a good number of applications available on the store, many developers find it hard to make a commercially successful app for Android. Eric Chu who is the platform manager for Android, was recently at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco where he allegedly said, Google are “not happy” with the lack of progress.

Some developers prefer the Apple App Store as there is no worry of certain applications not working on some devices, and it’s easier to advertise an app for iPhone compared to an Android one. Another problem is the lack of ‘carrier billing’, this means customers download an app and get billed via their phone bill, and in-app purchases are not available.

Eric Chu has admitted that Google were working hard to solve these issues though, and with Android being the most popular smartphone platform in the US, Google just has to fine tune managing it. Computer World are reporting that the Android Marketplace is due to get some more competition, as in readiness for its own Android App store Amazon has launched a beta portal so developers can submit applications.

I use the Android Marketplace for my phone but personally prefer the look and feel of the App Store. What do you think of the Android Marketplace? How can it be improved?

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  • Grow up dude

    How old are you, 14? Just because you like whatever device you have doesn't mean it makes any sense for you to possess extreme dislike towards people who like something else. I personally wouldn't get an iPhone, and I have my reasons, but I'm not going to attack the people that do want one.

  • Jdub

    Enjoy your open source crap Fandroids! You get what you (don’t) pay for….